Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A final word...

I think that I would like to leave one last thing...one of my favourite songs, of course, it's Pet Shop Boys - they continue to write the soundtrack to my life. This song sums up perfectly the last 3 years of my life since coming out. It's soooo been worth it!

Was it worth it?

Well I don't know why
I was dreaming about you
but I do know that
I was dancing without you
Then you smiled
and I was lost
You fall in love
Why count the cost?
All I gave to you
All you made me do
I react when I hear people ask

Was it worth it?
Yes it's worth living for
Was it worth it?
Yes it's worth giving more

If I'd had my way
this would have happened much sooner
but until that day
it was only a rumour
All at once
you changed my life
and led me into paradise
where I had to do
what I wanted to
I react when I hear people ask

Was it worth it?
Yes it's worth living for
Was it worth it?
Yes it's worth giving more

I reserve the right to live
my life this way and I don't give
a damn when I hear people say
I'll pay the price that others pay

'cause it's worth it
Yes it's worth living for
'cause it's worth it
Yes it's worth living for

All I gave to you
All you made me do
I reactwhen I hear people ask

Was it worth it?
Yes it's worth living for
Was it worth it?
Yes it's worth giving more

And I reserve (What?)
the right to live (Where?)
my life this way (How?)
I couldn't give a damn when I (What?)
hear people say (Who?)
I'll pay the price that others pay

'cause it's worth it
Yes it's worth living for
'cause it's worth it
Yes it's worth giving more


The end...

Well, my dear readers (all one or two of you left), I'm going to sign off here for the year. And possibly more permantly as well. As you've no doubt noted, I'm not exactly a regular blogger by anyone's standards and so it doesn't feel right to keep this blog ticking along, barely gasping for life with my irregular posts.

The thing is, I just don't feel the need to blog anymore. I don't feel like I've got anything interesting to add to the blog. It started off as a bit of an experiment, on the suggestion of one of my friends who maintained a blog of his own. He thought it would be a good thing for me to do - documenting my coming out experience. And it was. And then it converted into the story of Monty's Hunt for Mr Right, which was a long and winding road, to say the least. Along the way, I met some lovely guys, some very HOT guys, some boring guys and one or two guys who I prefer not to think about. And then, out of the blue, McBrad! My gorgeous man. And so the blog changed again, following the changes in my life as "Monty and McBrad", dealing with being in a relationship. But now, over 3 years down the track, and 21 months into our relationship, with things going along swimmingly well, I feel like I've just come to the end of my blogging career. There just doesn't seem like anything worth saying that's relevant and interesting.

I've been blessed with a loyal little readership who've encouraged me along the way, given me hints and suggestions when I was at a loss, cheered me through my slutty summers, and given me virtual hugs when I've been feeling bruised and lost. Thank you most sincerely. You will probably never know how much it meant to me to have your support! In particular, I'd like to say thanks to all the bloggers who I've been lucky enough to meet in person, both here in Sydney and in London!

But now, it's onwards and upwards with McBrad. We're about to celebrate our second Christmas together, then head down to the beach house for a few days, and then back to Sydney in time for New Year's! I love Sydney in summer and it's a great time to be with the man you love.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Never fear, I shall still be in the background, reading your blogs and making the odd comment, but I don't think I'll be back here in MAAM...but I shan't say never. Thanks again.

Monty! xxx

Friday, November 13, 2009


Sorry it's been a few weeks since my last post but it's been rather busy! The worst aspect is that my Unwired broadband service is failing to pick up a signal and so I have no internet at home!

But the move went well which I was very relieved about. My gorgeous guy McBrad of course helped me immensely - on the Friday before the move, he helped me paint my apartment which was a big thing for him...thus far in his life, he's managed to avoid having to paint by simply employing other people to do it for him. So I regard it as a mark of his love for me that he cast aside his aversion to manual labour and did a marvellous job of it!!! My friends Mack, Andy, Jacqui and Dan, as well as McBrad's friend Ted all helped on the day and although it took much much longer than we expected, we did accomplish it all. It has taken me a few big days/nights since then getting the apartment all sorted out, but it's mostly done now! I've still got all my books in boxes, however tomorrow I'm going to buy a couple of bookcases and that will the last thing! I will post some pictures soon, but that will have to wait until I've got myself a new internet account with a fixed line operator. So it's all very exciting. I do love just coming home after work to MY apartment...how good is that! And I'm getting up earlier each morning and actually having breakfast for the first time in several years! And my personal trainer Daz weighed me last night (after a two week absense from gym) and I've LOST 1.5 kgs (or 3.3 pounds) since we got back from holidays so I was very excited by that!

But the best thing has been my new bed. With the move being a little bit more extended than I had originally planned, I ended up staying at McBrad's for a few days. But with my new fridge and bed delivered, and me finally in the apartment, we got to break in my gorgeous new sheets, on my very comfortable new mattress on my very stylish new bed in my lovely new aparment. Nothing like a good ol' shag on new stuff! :-)

So now, it's a matter of getting used to living there, paying off a mortgage, catching a different bus to work, and adapting to my new local supermarket. And being only 8 minutes drive from McBrad's!!! It's all good!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, it's on for young and old at the moment. I settle on my apartment next Tuesday and move in on the following weekend, so I'm currently up to my ears in boxes, packing all my worldly goods in anticipation. It's very exciting as well as very stressful, but at the moment, the excitement is winning. I'm taking the opportunity to update my interiors as well, so I'm giving about half of my furniture away to a charity and buying new stuff. Last weekend, I bought me a lovely new bed and mattress and this week, I popped into David Jones and got a new set of sheets...lovely 525 thread count cotton "Sanderson" sheets. Apparently, they're so marvellous the Queen uses them (well, she officially endorses them anyway)! They do feel so wonderfully smooth - almost satin-like. Bliss. I can't wait to try out my new sheets, on my new mattress, on my new bed, in my new apartment with my very hot boyfriend!!! Wahooo!

This weekend is going to be mostly about packing...and a quiet BBQ with some friends at McBrad's, followed by a bit of a dance at Palms!

It's funny, as I've been going through my stuff at home, sorting out what to keep and what to flick, I've had to reflect on my "old" life. There's so much stuff that I've not used/worn since I came out for one reason or another and so a lot of it has gone into the "flick" pile, but everything has a memory attached, mostly good. It's not that I want to forget that life - I don't! I really liked my life up until I came out, with that one small exception of my struggle about my sexuality. Otherwise, it was all good. But it's a matter of moving on now. This is my opportunity to leave those last few vestiges of that life behind and start looking forward.

As always, my gorgeous McBrad has been a pillar of support and kindness and I can never get over how lucky I am. After all those ups and downs of dating, to have found someone as wonderful as McBrad is just fan-bloody-tastic!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not that I'm counting...

...but on the 29th of September, I'll be celebrating two interlinked things...it will be the 3rd anniversary of my coming out and exactly 18 months together for McBrad and I. It's funny, 18 months doesn't really sound like much, but it feels like we've compacted a lot of stuff into it. We actually had a BBQ last night and it was a great feeling to see my friends and his friends mixing so well - the first time we did this, it did feel like my friends stayed together and his friends stayed together, but last night, it seemed like everyone was mingling. So despite the rather blustery conditions (or maybe in spite of the blustery conditions) it was a great night.

This morning, we cleaned up, went out for brekkie with Noodle and then we hit the SupaCentre for some furniture shopping. I'm planning on updating a few bits and pieces when I move into my new apartment and needed some inspiration and also a bit of an idea as to what it was going to cost me. I'm now busy re-writing budgets!!! I love that McBrad is just as excited (if not a bit more) as me about my new apartment - I feel so lucky to have such a supportive man!

It's funny, I have been rather haphazard at best of recent times in my blogging, and I'm finding it increasingly challenging to be motivated to continue the blog, but the other night, I re-read some of my first few posts and I was reminded why this blog has been a great thing for me. It's amazing to look back and remember how I was in those first few weeks and months after coming out. The same Monty is still here, but it's a much more confident, more relaxed Monty. After years of not really feeling comfortable in my skin (much of which had to do with my struggle coming to terms with my sexuality), I'm feel like I'm actually living the life I want and the life I'm comfortable with. So, although I do feel that this blog is fast running out of steam, I think there's still a few posts left in it.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Changing Rooms...

Well, for those of you who aren't Facebook friends (and so have not seen my status updates over the past week), it's official. We exchanged contracts on Tuesday just gone which means I now am the pround owner of both a large hole in my bank account AND a contract obliging me to cough up with a substantial bucket of cash in just over 5 weeks. In exchange, I'll receive title to a rather small, but cute apartment over on the "other side" of the harbour. Much to the disgust of Tom, our late lamented aspiring-chef/blogger, I shall be departing the leafy North Shore for the somewhat seedy streets of the inner south - in fact, I'm almost moving into the "Ghetto" (the gay variety) which is something I promised myself I would never do.

That being said, once I got over the stress of actually making the decision to buy over there, and the whole to'ing and fro'ing between me, the agent, the solicitors and the vendor, I'm really looking forward to the move. I was only thinking about it the other day, when I caught up with Tom for a cup cake and coffee, that this is the final break from my former life. You see, over the past 3 years since coming out, my life has been one of gradual changes. Friends dropped me when I came out, and so I had to make new ones. Most of my family cut me off and so I've had to adopt a new "family". Even my previously very conservative wardrobe has become a little bit more flamboyant as I've become accustomed to my new "skin". I've even put on weight (something I was never able to do previously), most of which is more muscle. I've got me a wonderful partner now. I have a new car. And now, I'm leaving my lovely North shore apartment - it has so many memories of my former life, lovely memories of course, but now just memories. It was a constant in my life when everything was turned on its head, a safe harbour as it were, but now, it represents a past that is no longer relevant to me. It's the right time to move on, to get on with my new life with McBrad and my new friends and family. I'm planning on throwing out (or donating to charities) lots of stuff - furniture, clothes, etc - and so it's really going to be quite a new start for me. Scary, but exciting at the same time.

It was funny, I was woken this morning by someone starting their lawn mower - a sound I love but a sound that I will definitely not be hearing at my new apartment. And as I lay there in bed, I started compiling a list of things I would miss about this place, as well as things I'm looking forward to in the new apartment.

Things I'll miss...

  • The lovely tree lined streets, with their lovely gardens and lawns
  • The absolute quiet of my suburb
  • My local Grumpy Baker - I love popping down on a Sat/Sun morning for a long black coffee and ham and cheese croissant
  • Crossing the Harbour Bridge on the way to/from work. It's an experience that never gets stale, no matter how many times I've done it.
  • The distinction of being a North Shore Gay - there are so few of us over here that it's always a talking point when I meet people

Things I'm looking forward to...

  • Being closer to McBrad (only about 7 minutes drive) and 95% of my friends
  • The nice French cafe literally around the corner from my new apartment. Hopefully, their ham and cheese croissants are better than the Grumpy Baker's! (their coffee is very good, I've tried it already)
  • All the savings I'll have from not having to pay Harbour Bridge/Tunnell tolls (seriously, I spend a small fortune each month driving back and forth)
  • Closeness to the puppy park and puppy shop - Noodle will LOVE it! And to Dan Murphy's and Victoria's Basement!
  • Easier access to the Eastern Beaches
There's lots more pros and cons but that's some of the ones that came to mind. All in all, it's a big decision but it's one that I'm happy with.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just an update re: my plans for purchasing an apartment. Well, my offer was accepted however under NSW laws, nothing is guaranteed until we exchange contracts and I pay my 10% deposit. That will be happening tomorrow, all things being equal. But, because it's still available, there was another viewing yesterday. McBrad and I couldn't resist - we had to go along. I wanted to have another final look at the place, to make sure that it's really the right one for me. It is. Unfortunately, it seemed that every man and his dog also thought this was a great apartment. Thankfully, the agent appeared to be very positive about my offer and advised me to exchange tomorrow to make sure I get the property.

So, I'm feeling pretty good about it...I meet with my solicitor tomorrow at 1pm and hopefully, it will all go good and we'll exchange. Cross your fingers guys!

On a completely unrelated topic, I just watched the Qantas ad on TV - I don't know what it is, but every time I hear the children's choir singing "I Still Call Australia Home", I get goose bumps! I love the Qantas ads!!!

I was just reading some of my September posts from last year - we were celebrating 6 months together and I was still pinching myself that it was real. And here we are, about to celebrate 18 months. The thing is, the time just flies and the necessity of celebrating every milestone just isn't there. I'm not terrified that it's all going to be over, I am soooo much more relaxed about our relationship. I love McBrad so much and I know that he loves me. What more do you need? I'm excited that I'll be moving closer to him and to all of my friends actually. Although I love the North Shore, it has been somewhat of a barrier - my friends can't just pop by on their way home, they can't just drop by on a Sunday arvo for a drink and a chat. Whereas, if all goes well, this will be possible. AND I'll save a fortune in Bridge/Tunnel tolls!!!

Well, now I'm sitting down to Idol...to watch Scottie the Hottie and the yummilicious Toby!!!!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009


This is going to be a dot point type post...

. Currently looking for an apartment to buy (to live in). McBrad and I saw one yesterday which we both love and is just a little bit closer to his place than my current place. And yes Tom, it means moving over to the "other side" and leaving the beautiful leafy North Shore. So I'll be putting an offer in tomorrow! Wish me luck!

. Watching Idol at the moment - two guys to watch. Scottie the Hottie and Toby the Teacher! I'm in lust with both of them!!! Two completely different guys, but both sooooo yummy! (oh, and they can both sing...like I care!)

. I'm totally into salads now! I think it's the whole spring thing that's got me back into them, as well as an attempt to start eating a bit more wisely. I'm working my arse off with my Personal Trainer each week and so to then go home and chow down on KFC just doesn't make sense. Hence, the salads. In fact, I'm just about to sit down to an EPIC salad for dinner (with a nice piece of rump steak - I do like my rump) in front of the TV, watching the two HOTTIES sing! ;-)

. Spent a lovely Father's Day with McBrad and Noodle today! Noodle, clever girl that she is, bought him some stripey socks (he loves wearing stripey socks, and she loves chewing them up) and a bottle of YSL EDT - something like Nuit de Homme...or something. Anyway, he loved both of his gifts. Had breakfast in the sun with them and a couple of friends - just a really great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ahhh, the lovely tropics...

Me on a rock...

The view from our room

Getting dragged behind the boat...

The pink car we hired...

and the lovely red moke we got the next day...
The hottest man, my gorgeous McBrad...


Well, it's been way too long since my last post, for which I do apologise. I'm sitting here at work on my first day back from 2 weeks leave...two lovely relaxing weeks. We've really seemed to have hit a sweet spot weather-wise in Sydney and it's just marvellous. The first week of my holidays, I was at home. Did the usual types of things that one does when at home for a week...spring cleaning, my tax return, bit of shopping, cooking, and bugger all. It was lazy and wonderful. And the best thing, temps were hovering around the 20 degree C level which meant I spent the week in shorts and t-shirt. In the middle of WINTER! Just perfect sun kissed days!

And then, McBrad and I headed off to even sunnier North Queensland. Thankfully, we passed through the airport in Townsville without me seeing anyone from my past life there and cabbed it straight to the ferry terminal, and then off across the azure sea to Magnetic Island. I've got to say, Magnetic Island has vastly improved in the past 9 years since I was there. We stayed at the Peppers Resort there which was lovely - our room overlooked the marina. We did very little the week we were there - McBrad went to gym each morning while I sat in the sun, drinking my coffee and reading the paper, then we'd head to the beach and lie in the sun, have lunch at some local establishment, lie in the sun, head back to our room for a shower and snoozette, go out and have dinner. It was WONDERFUL!!! So relaxing. We did a sailing cruise around the island on our last day there which was fantastic - just one other couple and ourselves. We snorkelled around the reef which is just amazing itself, but as an added bonus, there were a couple of turtles swimming there too. So we followed them until they got sick of us and chooffed off. It was a highlight!!!

So now, I'm back at work, staring longingly out of the window at the glorious sunny day outside. I shall post a few pics soon - possibly even tonight!

Monday, June 29, 2009

June...part II

Well how about this...another post within days of the previous one! Will wonders never cease!!!

Just a couple of things...I was reading some of the back catalogue of one of my favourite bloggers - the blogging world's answer to MasterChef - Tom when I realized that it was his birthday recently and nothing had been mentioned. And so, I took it upon myself to rectify this travesty! Happy belated Birthday mate! Hope that the next year ahead will bring you lots of success with both your personal life and your gourmet life!!!

Also forgot to mention that my very talented boyfriend is performing at the Opera House (again) this week - on Thursday and Saturday nights - as part of the Sydney Philharmonia Choir. They are performing Carmina Burana and I'm very much looking forward to going! He's been rehearsing like mad and I'll not get to see much of him at all this week, but it will all be worthwhile! If you're in Sydney, and feeling like a bit of "culcha", come along - there's bound to be one or two spare seats available on the night.

And, just to make the weekend even busier, we're hosting a Christmas in July dinner on Sunday night. Being a Scotsman who lived in London for 10 yrs prior to moving to Sydney, McBrad's group of friends are mostly from the UK and they all seem to miss having a big Christmas dinner when it's cold! And so, we decided to do one this year. Needless to say, I'm going to be doing my best MasterChef impression and attempting to feed the hordes. I'm doing an old favourite, Beer Up the Bum Chicken, which is easy, though not strictly very Christmassy! Ahhh, who cares - it's yummy! :-)

We saw the new Transformers movie last night - wow!!! Story line is somewhat light on, and the movie is geographically challenged (somehow, Petra is within spitting distance of the pyramids, which are apparently quite close to the coast line) but holy heck, the movie is HUGE! A full on explosion of non-stop action! Totally awesome in a very shallow way!

OK, that's it - I'm exhausted from so much blogging! :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


After a small'ish prompt (thanks DG), I realized that it's nearly the end of June and I've yet to blog. To be honest, not really that much to say. It's been a lovely month in general, with a couple of highlights.

The BEST one - my gorgeous McBrad sent me long stemmed red roses at work! Huge box of the things, with chocolate love hearts as well. I got sooooo many comments from people at work and was the envy of all the girls! I didn't take them home, as I'm rarely there, so I put them in a vase on my desk and there they stayed. They lasted for a week so it was just marvellous. Although McBrad has given me flowers before, he's always given them to me at home - he's never sent them to my work before! And even better, the note just said that he wanted to tell me that he loved me. Everyone was highly impressed that there was no anniversary (they were all very familiar with our monthly anniversary celebrations that we did for our first 12 months), no birthday, nothing. It was just a lovely gesture from the love of my life. What a sweet heart!

I received some really exciting news from my brother Mark - he proposed to his boyfriend Sim on the top of Mt Pilatus (in Switzerland)! So they're now getting married - plans are at the moment to have a registry affair in the UK and then everyone head to either France or Italy for a long weekend celebration - they'll hire a villa for the celebrations. Should be awesome. We're still waiting for them to decide when this is going to happen but it's a GREAT excuse to head back to London and have a nice little European sojourn as well. :-)

And just last week, I booked us a little winter break in Nth Queensland - 5 nights on Magnetic Island. I'm really quite excited by this - Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville where I grew up, so I've been there more times than I can remember. It was always a sleepy, backpacker style island, with a really relaxed low key vibe. But over the past few years, there's been some very nice resorts built and it's gone a lot upmarket, whilst still retaining its original feel. (well, that's what the locals are saying). So it should be great not only to spend 5 days and nights in warm Nth Qld, but also to show McBrad a bit of my hometown. Can't wait...we leave on August 10.

And that's about it...it's busy at work as it's end of financial year, but that's all over on Tuesday so can't wait for that. My life proceeds very nicely, with my wonderful man by my side, and our gorgeous puppy running ahead! I feel very blessed.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Profuse apologies to the one or two readers who haven't given up on me! It's nearly the end of May and I have not written one word all month! My longest blogging absense ever!

There's not a lot to say really. May has been quite a busy month, but nothing that is really outstanding or blogworthy. I suppose the biggest event was my purchase (very unexpectedly I might add) of a new car! I made the mistake of mentioning to McBrad that I was thinking about updating my poor tired (but mechanically very sound) Corolla and before I could say 'overhead gasket' (or whatever), we were driving around to different car yards, checking out what was available. McBrad is a very decisive person - if he thinks about updating his car, he goes and buys a new car! Me, I think about a new car, have a look at what's available, compare prices on the internet, research the pros and cons of each car, look at colours, peruse my finances, do cash flow spreadsheets and work out a repayment plan. That's all before I even decide whether or not I'm going to proceed. So, Sunday morning, we're at the car dealer's and lo and behold, I drive out of there with my new Nissan Tiida Q! I got home, still in shock at having spent so much money in such a quick time, without much thinking about it! McBrad was excited out of his mind, I was nearly throwing up in the sink (quite literally). BUT, once we went for a drive and I settled down, I started to get excited. It's a lovely car, and driving it is a dream! Noodle LOVES her back seat - I think it's the leather that does it for her! So that was quite a momentous incident in the past month.

McBrad also extended my 6 sessions with my new Personal Trainer Daz by another 10 sessions, because he was impressed with my progress and was feeling generous. I've gotta say, despite him being a total NAZI who takes particular delight in inflicting pain on me, Daz is very good and it is producing results. I now have a 2pack, and hope that the remain 4pack will emerge from long banishment in the near future, to give me a nice hard flat abdomen! I don't know what it is, but you hear about how people who exercise regularly get this rush after they have exercised. I'm yet to experience that. I just feel smashed after each session.

We've had less than satisfactory weather here in the Emerald City for the past week or so - very autumnal, with cool mornings, cloudy days and the occasional torrential downpour of rain. Fantastic for snuggling with McBrad, but it would be nice to have a lovely sunny weekend. According to the forecast, it's not going to happen this weekend. :-(

I was just thinking the other night about comfort movies (the cinematic version of comfort food I suppose) - that movie or those movies that you always go back to when you just want to feel good about the world. No matter how many times you watch it, you always end up with that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart! For me, Pretty Woman used to be high on the list, but of recent years, it has fallen somewhat. My new no. 1 comfort movie is Love Actually. Yes, it has its critics, but I just feel so good after watching that movie. McBrad and I watched it last night, and of course, watching Love Actually whilst snugged with my very hot boyfriend when it's cold and rainy outside is just the BEST thing in the world.

So that's my May. I will try to update my blog a bit more frequently, but I can't guarantee it. Whilst I'm still reading blogs, I find that I'm just unmotivated to put digit to QWERTY anymore.

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend whereever you are!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monty's Miscellaneous Musings...

1. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) seriously need to get a grip...they have requested the Pet Shop Boys change their name to something more ethical and acceptable...like the Rescue Shelter Boys. What are those people on? Have they nothing better to do (like save whales or something) than make such ridiculous suggestions? PSB have of course, dismissed such a stupid idea.

2. Walking into North Sydney yesterday morning, on my way to the bus, a few of the Navy Seals who are based nearby jogged past me. Shirtless. Man candy - the perfect way to ease back into work after a long weekend.

3. I had my first training session with my new personal trainer yesterday after work. I've got 6 sessions with him as one of my birthday presents from McBrad and after last night's session, I'm not looking forward to the next 5. He absolutely smashed me!!! I'm sore all over today. He's very good, I've gotta say, but he's relentless. Next session is tomorrow night. Eek!

4. Got home today and had two lovely birthday cards in the mail - one from my brother Mark and his boyfriend Sim, and one from my gorgeous friend EIB, who's now living and working back in London. It was so nice to have my birthday experience extended for another couple of days.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pet Shop Boys...

McBrad got me the new PSB album "Yes" (plus it's accompanying remix album "etc") as one of his anniversary presents to me a couple of weeks ago. OK, so I've professed my deep and abiding love for PSB before but this album is just awesome! Some of the tracks are totally hands-in-the-air dance songs - thoroughly infectious pop music that elevates your mood 1000%! They just get me with their music. Admittedly, they're not everyone's cup of tea, but they are soooo mine! It was two years ago that I saw them perform in Sydney (over Easter as well) and I can't get enough of them. So do yourself a favour and buy the new CD!!! They certainly get the BIG TICK from me! :-)

Easter weekend...

It's been a rather relaxing long weekend I must say. It started off with a bit of a bang and then mellowed from there. It was my birthday - my 38th for those who are counting - on Good Friday so I decided that it would be better to celebrate on Thursday night after work, just in case people were going away for the weekend. So McBrad and I rocked up to the Dolphin Hotel, the scene of last year's birthday actually, and over the course of the evening, friends turned up. It was lovely actually, because at any given time, there was a different set of friends there...some stayed for a drink before heading out for dinner, some came after dinner, some stayed all night and kept rocking on well after we had gone home. So it was the perfect chilled out evening that I was hoping for.

Friday necessitated a sleep in, whilst the exceptionally snuggly McBrad quietly slipped out of bed and fed and walked Noodle before returning home to take me to breakfast at our favourite cafe, Cafe Ism in Newtown. And then, we spent the arvo at home, me reading the paper and tidying the garden, McBrad working on one of two assignments that are due tomorrow. Poor McBrad had phoned around many of our favourite restaurants, trying to find one that was going to be opened on Good Friday...and none were! So he was quite despairing of us even eating on my birthday night. Thankfully, Mack rang me up on his way home from the city on Friday arvo, wanting to meet up for a drink. So I wandered down and met him on Crown St and we went into Trinity Bar and had a couple of shandies and a catch up! It's great having him back in Sydney after his year in Canada. But he mentioned to me that riding up Crown St, he had noticed lots of the pubs and bars were opened, and even down our end, I could see quite a few opened too.

So McBrad and I showered and dressed and decided to wander down Crown St and find somewhere that was opened and that appealled. We ended up at our old regular, Paua, which was suprisingly open. I think that a lot more places appeared to be opened this year...I'm thinking that maybe the credit crunch has encouraged more places to trade, even on public holidays in an attempt to make more $$$. Whatever the case, it was a lovely evening with my favourite man. The perfect way to spend my birthday.

Saturday was more of the same, however I did come home Saturday night and have a nice quiet evening watching dvd's. McBrad had given me a bag of my favourite lollies as one of my birthday presents (he knows how much I love my lollies) and sitting there Saturday night, I just felt like having a couple of the lollies. 30 mins later, bag empty, and me feeling less than healthy, I started regretting opening them. And then the sugar hit! The late movie came and went and it was 2am before I knew it!!! Needless to say, I won't be doing that again soon! The good thing was that it was a long weekend, so it didn't matter if I had a couple of late nights.

Sunday, after another nice sleep in, I wandered down to the Grumpy Baker and had me a long black, a Ham and Cheese Croissant and the Sunday paper...just the perfect thing for a Sunday. And then it was back to McBrad's, and off to the gym! He sure knows how to make me sweat (from exercise that is). The lovely DG had invited us over to his place for dinner, and so that was a delightful evening of great food and great company.

Today, we were back at Cafe Ism for brekkie with Con, one of our friends. And that's about it...a wonderfully relaxed Easter weekend. In fact, I don't think I've done so little in four days as I have this weekend past.

Oh, and the ever gorgeous McBrad bought me a lovely plaited leather bracelet, with a gold clasp thingy - it looks a lot better than I've described, trust me. And 6 sessions with a personal trainer! At first, I was somewhat taken aback - wasn't sure whether it was a present or punishment, but it's actually exactly what I need! I must confess to having lost enthusiasm for the gym of recent times and I think these sessions will get me back on the straight and narrow. If the trainer is good, I'll see if I can have maybe one session a week, just to keep me motivated. The Trainer rang me on Saturday to arrange our first session (Tuesday after work) and he's British! What a bonus!!! He's 41, gay, single, and reportedly quite good looking, so that should help with the motivation too! LOL But McBrad doesn't have anything to worry about, I still think he's the sexiest man alive!!!

So that's about it. Hope you have all had a marvellous long weekend!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


It's rather late, but I've been sitting up re-reading all of my past posts about McBrad...all 81 of them. Just as an aside, I've written about 105 posts since meeting McBrad and 81 involve him...I seriously don't know how you, my lovely readers, have put up with it.

Anyway, I just can't believe all the stuff that's happened in the past 12 months! All the stuff we've done, all the anniversaries, the holidays...just reading my reactions to the "first time" things - holding hands, saying the "L" word etc. It's been quite a year, a wonderful year. And things continue smashingly well. We spent Friday and Sat down at the beach house and it was a lovely, relaxing break. We've had a wonderful month celebrating many things, and this week, it's my birthday. But you know what hit me as I sat reading all the past posts? I remembered my doubt, my insecurity in those first few months. The constant questions that I had about whether this would last (questions to myself anyway), my worry about if he would fall out of love with me. But you know, I don't think about that stuff anymore. I feel the most secure in our relationship and it's a wonderful thing. But sometimes, you need to revisit how it was in those first few months to realize how good things are now!

I can't begin to explain the changes in my life over the past year but 99% of them have been great changes. It's amazing how everything really just flows when you're happy within yourself, when you're secure with who you are and where you are in life. It took a lot of heart ache and pain and stress and worry and doubt to get to where I am now, but by golly it was all worth it. And I think that's what I really want to say...sometimes, things don't look good. Sometimes, it does feel like all the stuff you're going through isn't worth while. But it is! I've been there, and it's all paid off. I love my life!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well folks, we made it...yes that's right...Monty and McBrad are officially celebrating our First Anniversary today! Well, we actually started celebrating last week, but the date is actually today. We had our official celebration last night with a lovely dinner at Rambutan (which doubled as an Earth Hour celebration as well) and tonight, McBrad's bought a lovely bottle of vintage champers for us to down!

I'm thrilled to have made it this far, but acknowledge that it's only one year. But it's a huge thing for me and I'm delighted! I feel very very lucky to have found my gorgeous guy and every day, I love him more!

Well, it's only a very quick post today. Sorry about my lack of posts of recent times. Will try to improve.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, it's been my longest absence from blogging...but I'm back.

I'm at home tonight - Monday is normally our night off - McBrad and I spend the night at our respective homes alone. And it's good to have time alone. But thinking about it tonight, I've realized that Mondays have become my least favourite night. And the reason is...I've generally spent a lovely weekend with my gorgeous guy and now I'm not with him.

It was a lovely weekend...nothing outstanding, but it's just wonderful to spend time with him during the day doing those normal little things. Last weekend, it was Mardi Gras and it was awesome watching it with McBrad - last year, I spent it with The Tourist but the thing is, I knew that was just a short term thing. This year, I was with the man that I'm deeply in love with and it was such a different feel. I was also with some friends (our favourite chef-in-training Tom included) and it was just a fun time.

Anyway, this week, I'm back studying for my next DFP unit - this is a killer! I'm mentally fatigued and it's only day 1. Last year, when I first met McBrad, I was doing my first DFP unit and so it feels like a bit of a step back in time.

This Friday, we've got our Anniversary party to celebrate with our friends. But the real anniversary is on the 29th...and I can't wait.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


There’s not a lot to say really, the last couple of weeks have been lovely but otherwise non-eventful. We celebrated McBrad’s birthday with suitable fervour and I took him out on his actual birthday to Bird Cow Fish for a lovely dinner. We went shopping at Tiffany’s for his present (which he LOVES) and had a delightful Valentines Day/Night. It’s just been a couple of really pleasant weeks. I’m loving my life at the moment because it is just a normal life that’s shared with the most wonderful man around!!! We have dinners out, nights in, DVD’s to watch, dancing with friends at Palms, brunches on Sunday mornings, shopping for groceries and hardware, just the usual sorts of things.
Last weekend was a bit of a DIY one for us – water was leaking from the shower screen onto the bathroom floor so we bought some sealant and I applied it and lo and behold, all good! McBrad had been given some outdoor lamps as a birthday present, along with an electric drill. So we purchased some appropriate drill bits and some hooks and I drilled and screwed and hung the lamps in the back courtyard. Looks smashing…particularly at night! I love that I’m able to make a contribution to his house as I do sleep there more nights than my place! My poor apartment, on the other hand, is sadly neglected and gets a quick dust once a week if its lucky! I always thought of my apartment as a refuge – it was my home, with all my books, my CD’s, my photos, my furniture, my artwork, my clothes etc etc. But it doesn’t really feel like that anymore…it’s somewhere I sleep occasionally. I’ve realised that possessions, whilst important, don’t really make a home. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my place, but McBrad’s feels much more like home now.
Anyway, McBrad suggested to me the other night that we celebrate our 1st official anniversary with a party with our friends. I was delighted and touched that he wanted to make a big thing of it. For me, it’s a HUGE thing as it’s my first real long term relationship and I think that he wanted to do this for that reason. It is our first anniversary, but for me, it’s my first “first anniversary”. McBrad’s had a few LTR’s before, so he’s been there, done that. So I think he’s making a fuss because it does mean so much to me. Whatever the case, I’m excited to be sharing it with my friends.
Yes my dear readers, Monty has gone from International Tart of the Year to domesticated boyfriend and come 29th March 2009, it’ll be one year of monogamy for me! Although I’ve documented very well my desire for a LTR, always in the back of my mind, I questioned whether, after having had such a smorgasbord of men, I’d be able to cope with the same man all the time. And you know, I don’t even think about it much now that I’m in the situation. I still can’t keep my hands to myself when I’m around him (and to his credit, he’s very tolerant of me molesting him constantly) and always find myself responding to him at the drop of a hat. I am thoroughly attracted to him and can’t get enough of him physically! He says I wear him out! He he he! I just think he’s hotter than hot!
So I’m a happy little camper! (but you knew that, didn’t you)

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mysterious Man...

A curious question was posed by McBrad last night as we walked down Cleveland St to the lovely Indian restaurant where we were to have our dinner with our friend Carter. “Are you going to stop blogging?” he asked. “No.” was my reply, “Why do you ask?”.

He told me that he was sitting at a café yesterday morning having breakfast when a guy at the café asked him if his boyfriend wrote a blog. McBrad replied in the affirmative and the person told him that his boyfriend reads my blog and had obviously read my post from a week or so ago about me considering stopping. I assume that this guy also reads the blog occasionally, as he recognized McBrad from the photos I’ve posted. McBrad’s not so good on the details, and can’t really describe the guy that well, and so I’m wondering who it is. I’m not worried or concerned or anything – McBrad knows about the blog and knows that I’ve posted his pic on the blog – I’m just intrigued to find out who it was. So if you want to out yourself, please leave me a message! :-)

Aint it interesting how small a world we live in.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brithday boy...

Not half bad for 41 don't you think? Me personally, I reckon he's HOT STUFF!!!

Happy Birthday honey!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces...

This post is going to be in the style of Tom's...a multi subject one!

Firstly (and the non-Australian readers won't know what I'm talking about), I'm LOVING The Biggest Loser at the moment. I watched the "weigh in" on Monday night and found myself getting really emotional as I heard the contestants' stories. Of all the "reality" TV shows on air, I love this one as it's a show that actually changes people's lives for the better. It's such a positive show! And this season, there's two brothers who I think will be absolutely HOT once they've lost a few dozen kilos or so! Can't wait!

McBrad and I have been talking over the past couple of weeks about a month long trial of living together! There's a few issues that we've had to work through but I think it's going to happen. I'm very excited as well as being a little scared. Although we're spending most of each week together, it's still not the same as 24/7. The good thing is that most of the potential problems that we can see have been discussed and workshopped, so hopefully they won't be problems. It's still not a done deal, I've still got to make my final decision, but I think it will happen.

I'm at home tonight, it's a nice easy night and it's nice just to watch some tv, eat some dinner, play Scrabble on Facebook, and chill.

It's also McBrad's birthday in a week's time - we're celebrating with a dinner out on Saturday night for a bunch of friends and on Tuesday, his actual birthday, with a dinner for two. And it's when he'll get his birthday present from me. I met him last year 6 weeks after his 40th birthday, which means of course, that our first anniversary is fast approaching! Can you believe it??? Monty and McBrad about to celebrate the first REAL anniversary!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's the last day of January 2009 and I've barely written anything in my blog! I've been lacking the desire/will to do so for the last few weeks...whether it's just the summer slackness or something more fundamental I'm not sure. It's kinda feeling like my blog has served its purpose and now updating seems to be more like updating my diary than anything else. I originally started blogging at the suggestion of a friend who himself was a blogger (and who has since stopped)...he thought it would be a good outlet for me to be able to express myself, having recently come out and trying to deal with the ramifications. And it was a great suggestion! Apart from the therapeutic benefits of being able to get stuff off my chest, thanks to many of you, my dear readers, I came to realize that lots of people out there had similar issues to deal with. So my blog became part of my coming out, with all my experiences dutifully recorded for posterity. All the new stuff that I had to deal with became a lot easier with the feedback that I received. And of course, the friends I've made through blogging has been a very unexpected blessing.

But what am I saying? Well, lately, it just seems like I'm simply updating what I've been doing, where I've been going etc, which really isn't that interesting. I feel like I'm in a settled place in my life, with my wonderful McBrad a major factor in that. Obviously we have our issues to deal with but I'm not going to blog those, because while I'm quite comfortable blogging about my own issues, I don't think it's fair to discuss stuff about McBrad - I would only be stating my side of the story and as I'm convince, there's always 3 sides to every story - mine, McBrad's and the truth. Each of us has a different perspective on things and so our respective stories would be influenced by that. That being said, there's not been anything significant to write about...I feel like I've been very lucky to find someone like him and so am happy as Larry!

Anyway, it's a bit of a ramble, but I'm seriously questioning the necessity of this blog, and my desire to continue. I've not yet decided, but just thought I should give you some advance warning about what I'm thinking.

It's a lovely warm weekend here in Sydney, beatiful sunny skies. We took Noodle to the beach today and it was wonderful! Hope all of you are having great weekends too!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding pics...

Before you get too excited...these are not our wedding pics...but we attended a wedding in the Hunter Valley over the long weekend and these are a couple of nice pics of us.
I LOVE a man in a kilt! Doesn't McBrad look simply smashing! A Very Handsome man indeed!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Firstly, let me just apologize for the pics - sometimes I really hate Blogger - I'll put the pics and the comments in and then when I click on publish, it just rearranges them!

Anyway, I'm now back in Sydney after phase 2 of our holiday - Perth. But I just wanted to fill you in on Fraser Island firstly as I was very remiss last week.

We went to Fraser Island with Paul, one of McBrad's friends who lives in London and who was out here on holidays. We stayed at Kingfisher Bay Resort which is an eco-resort on the western side of the island. Lovely place, some very nice pools, great restaurants, a little pricey. We booked ourselves a self contained 2 bedroom apartment which was set up in the bushland up the hill overlooking the Great Sandy Strait and we were very impressed with it. Nice little jacuzzi on the balcony was a lovely way of concluding each day. Anyway, the highlight of Fraser Island for me was Lake MacKenzie. Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island and it's seriously big! But Lake MacKenzie is a fresh water lake in the middle of the island and is absolutely magnificent!!! The beach is the whitest sand I have ever seen...literally blindingly white! The water was delightful - cool and refreshing without being cold. I could have stayed there all day except for the fact that we had the rest of the island to explore. Because Fraser is a sand island, only 4WD vehicles are allowed and so we hired ourselves one and went driving over the very rough tracks. Hit the eastern beach and wow! Now, I've grown up on the east coast of Australia and have seen some very long beaches but it's just an incredible experience to drive for an hour and a half along a long, straight and seemingly endless beach! So cool! All along the beach, little fresh water creeks flowed into the ocean which provided lots of fun crossing. It's just such a wild, untamed place! And halfway along, there's a wreck of ship (the Moheno) which has been there for about 80 years - it's pretty awesome as it's gradually being covered with sand - there's apparently 5 levels beneath the sand already, with just two above.

And thankfully, it attracts lots of young people - young, hot backpackers which made for some very pleasant sightseeing! he he he!

Anyway, it was a lovely relaxing holiday - although only there for 6 days, it felt like a couple of weeks - we were just sooooo disconnected from life. Marvellous!

We then flew back to Sydney, were here for a day and then on the next plane to Perth! What a change!!! It was 42 degrees Celcius when we arrived and I could barely breathe. So needless to say, we spent the afternoon by the pool! We stayed with McBrad's niece and her husband (I had met them several months ago when they visited Sydney) and McBrad's older brother was there visiting as well. So I got to meet one of his immediate family which was kinda nerve wracking but he was fine, if a little difficult to understand, with his very strong, very regional Scottish accent. I never realized how lucky I am that McBrad's accent is quite mild after spending 10 years in London! Anyway, we spent a long weekend in Perth and didn't really do anything touristy - it was more about McBrad catching up with his family and that was nice. We caught the red eye back to Sydney which is a killer! For those who are wondering, the red eye left at midnight Sunday night, arrived at 6am Monday in Sydney. As we travelled east, we lost 2 hours, so it meant that very little real sleep was experienced on the plane and so we were totally smashed when we got home...we just had a shower and crashed big time! McBrad, the trouper that he is, got up at lunchtime and went to work! I had a very very very lazy afternoon! That's why I love holidays so much!

Anyway, this week is a chance to catch up on a few things that need doing around my place! I have tax to put into a man to do, my car to clean, my wardrobes to clear of excess clothes, maybe a trip or two to the beach, a little bit of sleeping in, a doctor to see about a nagging cough I have...just the usual stuff that you never seem to get time to do normally. And then, Saturday, we're driving to the Hunter Valley for a wedding. We're spending the weekend there so hopefully there'll be opportunity for some wine tasting! Yummmmmo!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fraser pics...

The endless beach, the crystal clear water - Fraser is just an incredible place!!!

My new favourite photo!

Me on the beach...

In the gloriously refreshing fresh waters of Lake MacKenzie!
A very WHITE me and a very tanned Paul (a friend of McBrad's) - you can see the torquoise colour of the water and the white sand! Magnificent place!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fraser Island...

Hello from the amazing, stunning, gloriously hot and sunny Fraser Island!!! Just a quick update to let you all know that I'm alive and kicking and we're having a sensational time. I'll post more details whence I return to Sydney but suffice to say that it's been a lovely holiday. I've got buckets of pics to process and will post a couple of them for your viewing pleasure of course. It's just sooooo relaxing here - it feels like we've been gone for weeks instead of just merely 5 days but that's the effect of the island. Lots of langorous mornings in bed, some very energetic evenings in bed (he he he) and lots of eating the food, drinking the wine, and laying like brocoli on the sandy beaches! Perfect.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Here's the latest couple of pics...we were out with my brother Mark and his boyfriend Sim on Saturday night when this pic was taken. McBrad is such a handsome man!

And here's a great pic of Noodle and her friend JJ on the beach on Sunday. Who's a good girl!!! :-)

7th January...

Well, it's Wednesday afternoon and I've just got home from work. I have to say, I am totally exhausted. This week has just dragged and I can't wait for tomorrow to come and go. I had lunch with McBrad today and he agreed with me, this holiday just can't come soon enough. The past month's social activities have left us both needing some chill out time. And Fraser Island should provide that perfectly.

It's been hot and dry for the past couple of weeks which has been a perfect start to summer - so we are very much in the mood for a nice Queensland holiday, sitting in the sun, strolling on the beach, swimming in the pool, sleeping, eating and generally doing very little. Granted, the resort we are staying at is an eco-resort and there are all sorts of walks and tours that we can take to explore the natural wonders of the island, but with the way I'm feeling, I'm not sure just how much we'll see.

Anyway, I probably will be offline until I get back next Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have some good pics to upload. :-)

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Here's a pic of the Gorgeous McBrad and I - this was taken down the coast at the beach house on Boxing Day. The pic is slightly blurry, but still, you can see how handsome he is! :-)

And McBrad with the newly shorn Noodle! Isn't she so cute! :-)

And us at New Year's...we're a little less than sober at this stage. :-)

The Garden Revealed...

OK, here's the pics of the completed garden. It's a shame that I didn't take any pics of the pre-renovation garden, but you'll just have to use your imagination - basically, it was just all covered in 8 foot tall hedges, very dark and closed in.

And here it is, being used - having pre-dinner drinks and presents a Christmas...before sitting down to eat our Turkey dinner.