Thursday, January 18, 2007

A happy ending...?

I went for my first ever massage last Saturday morning. Why? I had a bad bad week, my shoulders and neck were killing me and it had been my 2006 NY resolution to start going for it's now 2007 and I'm finally getting to it!

I don't know any massage therapists, well, not well anyway. I had met a guy on Gaydar who was one part-time, had a full time job Mon - Fri and just did the massage thing out of hours. We met before Christmas and had a lovely dinner...nothing else, but we've kept in contact. So I thought, I'll see if he can do me! He was available, so it was arranged.

It was a very very good massage, as well as quite instructive. He identified areas where my posture needed work, showed me how to stretch my muscles to equalize my shoulders, and found muscles and tendons I never knew existed! So, after the hour, I was floating off the table, feeling relaxed and a lot straighter than I had for quite a while.

And so I've been raving about it...and all my gay friends (without fail) have asked me if I had a "happy ending". Now, I know what a "happy ending" is, but never thought that it would be assumed to be part of my seemingly professional massage. I only ever thought that a "happy ending" type massage would be from well, an escort, rent-boy etc.

I was talking to a friend on MSN the other night, and he mentioned that he's been going to this guy for about 10 yrs now, and has a 90 min massage and always has a "happy ending". So I am now thinking that this is the standard thing. So, have I been ripped off by my massage therapist? Is it the standard inclusion for a gay masseuse? Or is this an extra, that one must request?

I must admit, I wouldn't say No to my masseur, he's hot! And according to his Gaydar profile, he loves arse and promises to make you sing! So, what to do? Go again and ask for a "happy ending"? Or perhaps it's just a thing that will take some time to happen, once we're both relaxed in each other's company? gay education continues...!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A push in the right direction...

I just received an email from Oscar, my Frenchman in Berlin. When we had our brief holiday romance in October, Oscar was bi-sexual. He was on a short holiday in Berlin and was looking for some fun with some guys, but was still quite ambivalent about his preferences. He was very open about that with me, and I was fine with that. After all, it was just a holiday romance - I wasn't going to spend my life with him and if he slept with girls too, well, that's his choice and his life! Oscar had only ever had one night stands with guys and so the 3 days and nights we spent together was the longest "relationship" he had experienced with a guy. Ditto for me come to think of it.

But Oscar's email was a bit of a catch up, as we haven't chatted for probably a month. It turns out that he has just celebrated his 2 month anniversary with his boyfriend Francis! This is quite an accomplishment for him (and really, from what I've seen and heard, for any gay guy), given that he's only ever had relationships with women!

So I was excited for him - it seems that Francis is head over heels for him; not surprising really because Oscar is a lovely guy! He seems to be adjusting well for someone who has never considered a gay relationship before. But, there's always issues and for Oscar, it's a matter of disclosure. He hasn't told anyone, not only about his relationship with Francis, but also about being bi-sexual. We've had conversations about this previously, and I can fully understand where he is coming from! It took me years to get to that point and I knew I was gay; I get the feeling that Oscar is still not sure if he is gay or bi. But he does seem to be happy with this relationship which is great. So bravo to him for at least following his heart and trying.

I kind of feel a little responsible for this - as I said, he hadn't experienced any kind of relationship with a guy until me...and now, he's been with a guy for 2 months! So I am a bit chuffed, as I've helped turn least for the moment! ha ha!