Monday, March 31, 2008

Highland Fling...

Following up from yesterday's post, I spent the afternoon sitting in my local park in the warm sunshine, studying the operation of financial markets and the various types of asset classes that are available for investors. Hard work when there's cute guys without shirts on kicking footballs around!

Anyway, work done, it was play time! Turned up at Brad's place (that's the Scotsman's name) at 7pm with a bottle of wine and a smile on my face. First agenda, a lovely long snog...he's a fabulous kisser (I know, I know, I say that about every guy on this blog, but that's only because I omit to mention the bad kissers that I've encountered). We decided just to walk down to Crown St and have Italian for dinner instead of driving to Newtown. And it was very sweet, he grabbed my hand and we walked there hand-in-hand! There were a couple of guys that he knew from his gym there at the restaurant and so he introduced me as his date! I was very impressed with this - normally I'd expect to be introduced as a friend or something so I thought it was lovely that he was willing to out "us" in that way.

Dinner done, we wandered back to his place and he put on a DVD and we snuggled on the couch, with a glass of wine and some icecream. Fantastic! He's a very tactile man and I LOVE that! He's also quite a romantic which is great!

Best thing, we've still not watched any of the Harry Potter movies yet so I've got at least another 4 dates guaranteed! he he he!

Monty is looking rather smug today!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Scottish thing...

Most people who know my surname would assume that it's of French derivation and so are consequently surprised when I tell them that's it's actually of Scottish origin. My surname is that of a small'ish clan that was based in the western highlands of Scotland and so, when I first travelled to the UK in 1996, I did a bit of a pilgrimage to where my family came from. It was rather exciting for me to visit the "family lands", having grown up in Australia, a country with barely 200 years of European/Anglo-saxon history. In Scotland, there's an old ruined castle which had been the seat of the clan for centuries, there was a new "castle" which replaced it, as well as lots of other related historical sites. And so, when I came over in 2006 to out myself to my brother Mark (and to embark on Monty's Shagging Tour of Europe), I took the opportunity to take Mark up to Scotland for a long weekend, to show him all the clan stuff and let him experience our family history.
So I've had an enduring attachment to all things Scottish - I think the country is lovely (if a little cold and wet), the history fascinating and the people really friendly, if a little hard to understand sometimes!
And so, last night I was pleasantly suprised to add another reason for my Scottish appreciation. I had gone out with Jacqui, her friend Lynne, and four other work colleagues to the Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Hotel for an Earth Hour dinner. It was a splendid evening I must say! To celebrate Earth Hour, the entire restaurant was decked out in candles (in Jorge Jensen candelabra) and the menu was completely organic (including the wine). It's one of Luke Mangan's restuarants and so the food was spectacular, wine was excellent and the company entertaining.
I have been chatting to a Scottish guy (ahh, now you see where we're going with this) for a couple of weeks - initially on Gaydar and then via MSN chat. I'd actually organized to have lunch with him today (Sunday) so that we could meet. He seemed like a friendly guy, his pics were good and given my Anglo- and Scoto-philia (is there such a word?), thought it'd would be worth a try. Anyway, early in the evening, he messaged me, to see what I was up to later in the evening. I had originally planned to meet up with some friends at Slide for a few drinks after dinner, however, after his sms, arranged to meet up with him.
What can I say - he's gorgeous!!! He's 40, very well built, lovely tan, handsome, and with a charming Scottish accent. A lovely guy, we had a couple of glasses of wine and got to know each other better. He actually admired my chest of all things - for which I gave a silent thankyou to my trainer Greg - which I couldn't really understand, as he's got a HOT body! But apparently, he thinks I'm not too bad on the eyes! At the end of the night, he asked me when I'd be available for a "real date" ie dinner etc. I was rather pleased at this turn of events and, playing cool, suggested next Friday night to which he agreed. I received an sms this morning - "I could make myself available tonight if you want to have dinner". Yippee - I quickly responded to him in the affirmative. I'd also actually mentioned to him last night that I had never seen the Harry Potter series of movies (which he owns on DVD) and so I received another sms from him - "If you want to see the HP movies, that will commit you to another 4 dates as well". No problems here! Happy to commit to another 14 dates actually!!! Not that I will, I hasten to add, as I'm trying to play this one cool. He's the one who's displaying the enthusiasm which I'm a big fan of!
So, who knows what will happen to this one. The good thing is...he is a permanent resident of Australia, has purchased a terrace in Surry Hills and so is not about to choof off overseas!!! A Big plus!!! :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Life's unexpected twists/occurrences/coincidences...

As I said in my previous post, I hadn't planned that much stuff for this Easter weekend and it worked out rather well. It's been an interesting weekend - one very different to what I would have expected, but life's little twists and turns are always good fun.

I had organized to have dinner Sat night with the Englishman I met on Tuesday however he rang me early in the afternoon and postponed it. Not a worry. I was talking to Mike, a fellow (and now lapsed) blogger later that day and we decided to meet up for drinks and dinner instead! So an unexpected dining companion that night, but not an unwelcome one! We had a great evening catching up - hadn't seen him since Fair Day and even then, I was somewhat distracted by The Tourist. So it was a lovely night!

Sunday morning, Jacqui phoned me to invite me to breakfast and so we wondered down in the sunshine to Blues Point Rd and had a very pleasant morning. I had decided to spend Sunday afternoon studying and I have to say, Financial Planning is very very dull. Who in their right mind would be a Financial Planner??? (and before you say anything, yes, I am studying for my Diploma of Financial Planning HOWEVER it's a work requirement. My employer wants us to do DFP so that we'll be more conversant with all the facets of the financial world.)

Anyway, as I was going to be home all arvo, I logged onto Gaydar to see what was going on. Imagine my surprise when I received a message from a guy I met last Easter at Stonewall on my big night out with my mates Baz and Waz. I was rather pleased because I had thought he was very cute when I met him but had not seen him since that night (and silly me never bothered to get his phone number). So it was quite amazing to receive a message from him exactly a year later - particularly because I don't think he remembers me (he was just a touch inebriated when we met at Stonewall). So we'll see how we go!

I was going to have a nice quiet night at home last night, considering I had been out Thurs night, Friday night and Saturday night, and so had settled down with some dinner and a DVD. 10pm, I get a text from my mate Ivan..."We are going to go to Arq and get drunk. We leave in 30 mins". And of course, I jumped in the shower, got myself all tarted up, met Ivan and proceeded into town. I've never been to Arq before so I was interested to see what it was like. And Paulini was singing there later on which was added incentive. What a night!!! Arq seems to be somewhat similar to "Babylon" from the "Queer As Folk" series in appearance and it was chokka block full of hot hot guys without shirts on! Met a few nice guys, indulged in some random snogging and danced my sox off! We didn't leave until about 5:30am! So another unexpected night and a fantastic one as well!!!

Today, I slept in until 2pm and then decided to go grocery shopping. Fantastic...all the delicious daddies were out in force. It was hard to concentrate on shopping! So it was a very pleasant experience!

So overall, a great weekend!!! A bit too much partying and not enough study, so will have to rectify that this week. But no complaints here! :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sleeping in...

I love sleeping in. There's absolutely no question that it is my utterly favourite thing to do on a weekend! And when it's a long weekend, well, it just means twice as many opportunities to sleep in. Today, however, I was determined to get up at the unheard of hour of 9am! I even set my alarm to wake me at 8.35am to ensure that it happened. 8.35am came and on switched ABC Classic FM. And what did I do? I vaguely woke up, had a stretch in bed, and revelling in the delicious feeling of being under blankets on a cool'ish morning, rolled over and snoozed! 9am came, the news came on and I popped my head out from underneath the covers. 9.05am and the news over, I once again submerged. Didn't end up dragging myself out of bed until 10.30am! I am just hopelessly addicted to those long drawn out mornings in bed!

And it's been a lovely morning I must say. Walked down to the Grumpy Baker and had my morning long black with a ham and cheese croissant whilst reading the Saturday paper. (and if you remember reading my Easter post from last year, you'll understand how delightful it is to finally have found a place that serves H&C croissants over Easter). I've come back from that, finished my paper, caught up on a couple of blogs, and an email from The Tourist.

I'm just about to depart for a 2pm coffee with a nice man I've been chatting to on Gaydar. We'll see how it goes. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I've been pretty quiet on the ol' online front this year, my time being occupied rather exclusively firstly with Mack and then The Tourist. Well, now that they're both in different continents, I've got back into the online thing, albeit not as exuberantly as I was last year.

And so, I had a couple of drinks with a lovely Englishman on Tuesday night, who, quite conveniently turned up on Friday night at the same pub I was at with my mate Dan. (OK, OK, I may possibly have let slip in an sms where I'd be) We're also doing dinner tonight so all seems good on that front. But I'm not sure about him...he seems very nice, he's handsome, charming, chatty and all that...but since The Tourist, my standards seem to have been raised somewhat! Surprising, given that it was just a 3 week holiday affair, but there was so much good stuff with TT, that I find myself looking for equivalent or better in every other guy now! Anyway, I'm giving this new Englishman the benefit of the doubt and we'll see how we go on date no. 3.

I've got to say, this weekend is highly unplanned...I've been just taking things as they come. I've actually started studying for my Diploma of Financial Planning - well, I haven't started studying, that is the problem. My first assigment is due 11th April and I've not even opened the book! So I think I will have to actually do some studying this weekend! UG!

Anyway, this is a bit of a rambling post...not a lot important stuff to report really!

Hope everyone else is having a great one! :-)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's all just work, work, work...

This afternoon, I will be experiencing the "worst" aspect of my new job. Yes, that's right, I've got to meet 2 of my clients at Prime (I personally think it's one of the best Steak restaurants in the city) and have dinner with them, then we go to the City Recital Hall at Angel Place for a concert with the Australia Chamber Orchestra (my favourite orchestra) featuring Katie Noonan. Following that, we retire back to Prime for dessert and drinks and socialising with the musicians! (My employer is the ACO's principal sponsor and purchased a 1759 Guadagnini Violin for use by the Principal violinist - we practically own them and so they are very accommodating with the Bank's requests for access) I'm really looking forward to that, particularly if they bring along the Violin - it's reportedly worth approx. $1.5M - me being a former violinist, it'd be fascinating to see it and even better to hear it close up.

So yes, it's going to be absolute torture tonight! he he he!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catching up...

Well, it's been several days since my last post and I do apologize. I must say that the past couple of weeks have just been full on! I've not had a moment of peace - it's just been really busy! ...and it's been a good thing too, as I've not had much time to dwell on The Tourist. I'm finding I'm missing him much more than I anticipated. sigh...

Anyway, it was a very sunny, very hot weekend here in Sydney and this week is much the same. I did end up going out on Friday night...with John, the Risk Executive from work. Everyone else who had originally planned to come out bailed on me, and so John suggested a drink or two at Ivy. Two bottles later, we decided we should go to dinner and so we headed back to the office so that I could drop off my work bag (didn't want to lug it around the city). Needless to say, Monty and John, in the lift, snogging like our lives depended on it! Which is fine, except that there's video surveillance in the now work has evidence of shenanigans betwix the two of us! Eeek!

Anyway, we had dinner and I dragged him to Palms, but we didn't end up dancing...too busy snogging in the corner. God that guy kisses well!!! We left around midnight but to our respective homes. He has a rule about “screwing the crew” and he’s understandably cautious about getting physical with me. Never fear, I’m wearing him down! He he he! But it was a lovely night out with him.

Saturday I slept, and then met up for a drink with a date in the afternoon. (yes, although I’m still missing The Tourist, I’m determined to move on) Saturday evening, a couple of friends were having a BBQ and invited me over, which was lovely, even if I was the only single there! And it was nice to actually get to bed before midnight!!!

(Just as a side point…what is it with all these couples who seem to insist on flaunting their “married” status whenever a single person is around??? I mean, I understand they’re a couple and that’s fine, I’m happy for them, so really, there’s no need to keep snogging, cuddling and canoodling to convince me they are together! Get a room, or better still, go home!)

Sunday, Jacqui had arranged for a bunch of us to go “barefoot bowling” at the Waverton Bowls club. There was a couple of her friends, some mutual friends from work (including John) and myself. The thing I love about barefoot bowling is the fact that you’re playing sport whilst drinking at the same time – how good is that! And due to the fact that it was brilliantly sunny and very warm, the drinking kind of got more attention than the bowling. We did that for a couple of hours before heading down to the Commodore Hotel for food and more beer! Muzbot turned up too which was lovely…our last chance to have a beer or two at our local as neighbours.

So, it was a fun weekend. But it was FULL. Yesterday, after my workout with Greg, I had an appointment with my very hunky masseur. God he’s hot!!! And extremely flirtatious! Dangerous waters! I mentioned that my next massage will be my birthday massage and he jokingly said that maybe he’ll do it naked for me! Yes please!!! Well, we’ll see in a couple of weeks if he comes through with his promise!

So last night after the massage was my first real night at home for more than a week! It’s crazy! And this week is just as full. Thankfully, I’ve decided not to do anything at all over the Easter weekend and so I’ll just be able to play it by ear and hopefully, do lots of relaxing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I had another workout today with the sadist Personal Trainer Greg (he really is a lovely guy, but he just makes me hurt) and so, as I was walking straight home afterwards, I didn't bother having a shower. So I was looking rather less than ideal - sweaty, smelly, and no doubt haggard after the torture that was my workout.

I was standing on the corner in the city, on my way towards the Rocks, waiting for the lights to change. A guy crosses the road towards me and looks at me, and keeps looking as he walks past! Not a bad sort, dressed casually with a small backpack - he looks like a tourist (and we all know that tourists are becoming my speciality!) - maybe late 30's, nicely built, good looking. He walks about 20 feet down the street and turns around and looks at me again. Crosses the street and turns around and looks back! At this stage, I'm getting the impression that I'm getting cruised!!! He walks to the corner and turns around and gives me one last look before disappearing.

I've never been cruised in the city streets before and I must admit, I was rather chuffed! And I think I owe it all to Greg. I'm actually starting to see results and friends are noticing. And obviously this tourist as well! It does help that I had just come from the gym, as I was rather pumped up and so at my best bodywise (despite the sweaty, smelly, haggard thing).

I must confess, I was tempted...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Monty is a bit melancholy today. The Tourist has literally just flown out, winging his way to Singapore - the next stop in his round-the-world adventure.

It's been a sensational weekend - after the mountains on Saturday, it was a looooong sleep in Sunday followed by a lovely afternoon at Taronga Zoo. It actually worked out quite well, because from the Zoo, we had a spectacular view of the Speed Boat Grand Prix. So we managed to have ourselves a dandy time seeing all the animals as well as a bit of speed boat racing. And the day was just perfect weatherwise - a balmy 27 degrees C or so, brilliant blue skies, bright sunshine! I'll post a couple of pics tonight.

Following that, I drove him to South Head and we watched the sunset over the harbour - it was great, just sitting there, quietly chatting, chuckling at his lame jokes, enjoying the magnificent views. We must have sat there for about 90 minutes.

We then drove into town, back to his hotel room where we had a shower and changed and strolled down to Circular Quay to the restaurant that we had dined at the previous Sunday. I had to work yesterday, so I left him around 11pm and drove home and crashed big time!

Yesterday, he was running around organizing the next few weeks worth of travel/accommodation etc but still found time to pop into my office for 20 mins just to say hello! I had a gym session between 5 and 6pm and so we arranged to meet up after that for drinks and dinner. And then, after that, we said goodbye and that wasn't easy.

I was feeling quite sad indeed coming home last night. I have had 3 awesome long weekends with TT. We've partied hard, we've had quiet nights at home watching TV; we've had outdoor adventures and plenty of indoor adventures - we have just had FUN!!! He certainly took my mind of Mack that's for sure! And in the process, I've made myself a great friend!

He just sent me an email from the airport which was very sweet - "It was fantastic to meet you, and I'm actually quite miserable that I have to leave! Thanks for being such a great bloke while I was in Sydney. I couldn't have made a better friend while I was here."

It's quite good that I'm busy this week - I have a client seminar to attend tonight, and tomorrow night, I'm meeting up with Yani, Tom and Andrew for a bit of a mini bloggers meet! So I won't have time to dwell on TT.

And, knowing me, I'll have gotten over it by Friday! I've promised to take Jacqui and one of her visiting Irish friends Lena out dancing to Palms so it will be a fun night! Just the thing to distract me! And then, I'll be back in the swing of things!

I must say, I've noticed myself how much better I am at just living in the moment and not dwelling too much on the future as far as relationships are concerned. So what that it was only just over 3 weeks with TT - it was a marvellous 3 weeks! And I've got a friend now that I didn't have 3 weeks ago! I think I've matured a bit in this respect, better able to handle these ups and downs in my life! So, despite my melancholy mood, I'm still feeling positive!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

A day in the mountains...

Another marvellous weekend is in the making! The Tourist flew back from Melbourne late yesterday - a flurry of texts and a phone call later, we'd organized to meet up for dinner. I went out straight from work with Jacqui, John (the Risk Executive I snogged on Valentine's night), Dan and a couple of Jacqui's friends to the Royal George for a couple of drinks. That done, Dan and I left them and wandered up to TT's hotel room where he had a bottle of vodka and some mixers and had a couple of relaxed drinks on his balcony. By this stage, it was about 9pm and we were hungry. So we grabbed a cab and found ourselves some food and thus sated, hit Palms. We were in a dancing mood and the music at Palms was just perfect for that! So it ended up being quite a late and reasonably alcoholic evening, but lots of fun! I just felt bad putting Dan into a cab to Manly where he lives - I was really hoping he'd pick up!

Dragged ourselves out of bed around 10am this morning as I'd offered to drive TT up to the Blue Mountains for the day. Neither of us really felt like getting out of bed, but his time left in Sydney is limited and there were touristy things that needed to be done! Once we were up and out, it was fine.

The mountains were sensational...there was plenty of blue sky with lovely fluffy white clouds. The cliffs around Katoomba were gloriously garish in their colour; the Scenic Railway suitably suprised (and impressed) TT with its steepness, and lots of pics ensued! It was just a FUN day, spent in the company of a lovely man who's fast becoming a friend! The fact that he's HOT is just the icing on the cake!

He had already arranged to see one of his cousins tonight - going to a BBQ at the cousin's place - and so I dropped him off at his hotel around 6.30pm and came home. I was smashed! Had a nanna nap and have just had dinner, watched a DVD and am now about to hit the sack.

Tomorrow, who knows. Maybe Manly or Bondi beach. Maybe Taronga Zoo. I don't really care - I'm just enjoying him whatever we do!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Blogging Meme...

Stole this off Tom, who stole it off Yani, who stole it off...well, anyway. . .

1. Which blog has been on your current blogroll the longest? Single in the City - he got me started in the first place!
2. Which blog is the most recent addition? The Green Light at the End of the Dock - only added him this week.
3. Which blog sends you the most traffic? Have no idea - but given the popularity of Tom's, I'd say his.
4. Which blog has the best design? As everyone has said, Muzbot's has the coolest headers - I love the cartoon character of Muzbot. But I also quite like the design of YarravillePaul's as well.
5. Which blog has the best title? They are all good titles, but I think Superchilled's best describes him.
6. Which blog has the best images? Tricky one...for eye candy, it's gotta be Emackinations. General photography, Pedestrian Fair
7. Which blog has the most self pics? Emackinations...usually in the buff too which is highly pleasant!
8. Which blog is most similar to yours? Hmmm, I would say Chris from DC - just in respect of the whole coming out thing...I read what he says about what he's going through or how he's feeling and it very much resonates with me - feels like he's going through what I did about 12 months ago.
9. Which blog is most different? Most of the blogs I read are relatively similar in that they detail day to day life - in some way, shape or form. But Pedestrian Fair is more just a photographic blog and so in that respect, is the most different.
10. Which blog is most political? Single in the City - he was always discussing gay issues which I really enjoyed.
11. Which blogger posts most often? Tom - he's got plenty of time on his hands now so he's going to town of recent times with the blog posts!!!
12. Which blogger do you wish posted more? Guy In London - he seems to have stopped which is a shame as I really enjoyed his blog!
13. Which blogger lives closest to you? Muzbot at the moment, but that sadly is about to change! :-(
14. Which blogger lives the farthest away? The London bloggers - Darth Gateau, Poobaba, Soul Seared Dreamer, Wordage, Gay Banker & Guy In London.
15. Which blogger is most likely to become famous? Mike already is - and it's mostly because of Bondi, his beautiful Alaskan Malamute
16. Have you ever dreamed about someone on your blogroll? Not that I can recall...
17. Do you have a crush on anyone on your blogroll? Maybe...
18. Have you ever kissed anyone on your blogroll? Maybe...
19. Who’s the best kisser? A boy must have some secrets! ;-)
20. Who’s the sexiest on your blogroll? All of the bloggers on my blogroll are sexy in some way!
21. Who’s the most athletic? Muzbot - he's always climbing mountains, or doing adventure races etc. And Tom, who's swimming races left right and centre. And Superchilled - he also is swimming all the time.
22. Who’s the tallest? Tom - easily.
23. Who’s the shortest? Maybe Poobaba?
24. Who’s the strongest? I reckon Muzbot would be
25. Who’s the youngest? Whittle - he's still in college
26. Who’s the oldest? Chris in DC I think...he's 46
27. Who’s the wealthiest? Tom would have to be...he can afford to stop work for 12 months to learn restauranty stuff instead.
28. Who’s the most creative? Yani I reckon
29. Which blogger would be the life of the party? Darth Gateau - he IS the life of the party!
30. Which blogger would you go shopping with? Darth Gateau - love his style!
31. Which blogger would you go hiking/camping with? Muzbot - he's the camping king! or should I say queen? ;-)
32. Which blogger would you have coffee with? I'd love to have coffee with YarravillePaul and Campbell - the Melbourne bloggers!
33. Which blog makes you laugh the most? Tequilla Mockingbird - although he hasn't posted for AGES, some of his posts had me crying, they were hilarious!!! This is my favourite post.
34. Which blog is the most heartwarming? I really like Phil's actually - I just enjoy seeing how happy he is with Rich!
35. Which blogger do you think is the best cook? Tom - he had better be if his restaurant is going to be a success!
36. Which blogger would you most want to meet your family? Well, the only family that is still talking to me is my brother Mark in London, and so I'd like him to meet the London bloggers.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Monty's Mardi Gras Musings Part II...

Well, here we are! Monty, The Tourist and some random female in the Columbian Hotel for our pre-parade drinks. And as you can see, if you didn't know it before, once you saw my shirt, you certainly knew I was gay after! ;-)
And here's a bunch of us at the parade itself...Monty (what was I thinking with that hat?), The Tourist, my mate Dan, some random hottie and a lovely lady we met.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monty's Mardi Gras Musings...

Well, it's all done and dusted for 2008! But what a weekend it was!

The Tourist, who I met 2 weeks ago on Fair Day weekend, flew back into Sydney late Friday afternoon and messaged me on the train in from the airport. "Monty, would you like to catch up this evening?". Would I? Hell yeah! "Meet me on the roof of my hotel when you finish work" - he gave me the name of his hotel...a rather pleasant hotel in the Rocks.

I turned up about 6pm, with a 6 pack of beer in my backpack (he'd told me to bring a couple of beers), fully suited out. It turns out, the roof top is where the pool and spa is and he met me there, clad in his swimmers and a towel. He gave me his room card and told me that a pair of swimming trunks was laid out on his bed for me. I left the beers with him, and went down to his room, quickly changed and popped back up to the roof. It was one of those spectacular late summer/early autumn evenings in Sydney...clear blue skies, just a touch of crispness in the air. Thankfully, on the roof, we were in full sun and I was still quite warm from the walk. So we had a quick dip in the pool which was very refreshing! We then jumped into the heated spa which was delightful and opened the first two beers. 2 hrs later, 6 beers finished and dusk well and truly upon us, we were completely relaxed and completely alone! So we indulged in a bit of snogging, and the occasional grope! This man knows how to hit my buttons, that's for sure! Suffice to say, we didn't part company until 10pm Sunday night! I spent the entire weekend with him, stayed with him in his hotel room - it was practically a weekend away for me which was splendid fun!

Anyway, onto the Mardi Gras itself...

Met up with my mates Dan and Ivan, at about 5.30pm Sat arvo at the Columbian for a couple of pre-parade drinks. We then purchased a couple of stools from a streetside vendor and walked up to Flinders St where is was less full on. I must say, the parade was lots of fun. The mood of the people around us was great, everyone was happy and friendly - it was a really nice sense of community there. The floats came by, and they kept coming by, and kept coming by, and we wondered if they were ever going to finish! Some of the gaps were a little long, and some of the floats a little confusing (what the heck is Koala Sutra and what has it to do with being gay?) but some (PUMP - hot boys; Surf Lifesaving - hot boys) were fantastic spectacles. And it was exciting to see friends in the parade - NSSG with the 58/08 float, Simon in the Defense float, and Tad driving the (US) Democrats float truck!

Once it was all over, we joined the mass exodus to The Party! Wow! It was really full this year! I met up with heaps more friends there, but stuck with my little party of Dan and The Tourist all night. It was fun to see the midnight and 2am shows but the music just really didn't do it for me. Is it so wrong to ask for music that hasn't been mixed, remixed and postmixed to within an inch of its life so that you lose all sense of the original song? It all just becomes doof doof after a while and unless you're, ahem, chemically enhanced or drunk off your face, it gets a bit repetitive. We tried a few different pavillions but nothing really grabbed us. And when we went back at 3.30am to the RHI for Olivia's show, the doors were locked and no-one was allowed was already too full. Doh! So we missed out on the highlight of the whole party! It was raining by that stage, and we were all flagging , so we decided to end it and head home.

So the Tourist and I crashed at his hotel...we were in bed by about 5am and ended up not leaving the bed until 6.30pm Sunday night! Bliss. It was simply decadent to spend the entire day in bed with such a hot guy! Took him for dinner at Opera Quays and it was a perfect night for dining al fresco! A nice moonlit stroll around the Opera House followed - some lovely romantic moments to remember! We parted company at 10pm, he to his hotel - he had a 7am flight to Melbourne the following day - and me home.

I had Monday off and so met up for a bloggers brunch with Tom then had a lazy afternoon reading the paper, cleaning up the apartment and some sundry shopping. I then had to cab it into the city for my Monday afternoon torture session with my personal trainer Greg. He's very pleased with my progress thus far and I must say, so am I. I'm actually starting to see results! Yes, that's right folks, Monty is getting muscles!!!

But I must say, it's been an absolutely splendid weekend! One of the best weekends ever! And mostly, it's due to The Tourist. It's amazing to think that we've only met a couple of weeks ago, such is the level of familiarity that we have with each other. We're very comfortable with each other and he's just an easy person to be around. I tell you, if he was in Sydney, I'd be going for him! But true to Monty form, it's destined to be naught but a holiday romance (a FABULOUS holiday romance none-the-less).

One of these days, I will meet a guy who's really nice AND living in Sydney AND intending to stay in Sydney!

I do have a pic of us to post and will add it when I get home tonight.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras...

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Hope you all have a FABULOUS time! I know I certainly shall!


Monty! xxx