Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back at work...

Well, it's now Thursday and I've been back at work 4 days now. UG! It's terribly hard to get out of bed at 6.30am, particularly given how cold it's been! But I've been doing it. Good stuff this week...

  1. McBrad and I celebrated 4 months on Tuesday and I just love him more and more and more.
  2. We had our annual performance reviews done this week and my boss has told me how much bonus I'll be receiving! YAY! Very excited about that - in fact, I was so excited, I went out and bought McBrad a shirt!
  3. Not sure what it was, but McBrad was particularly snuggly last night.
  4. Life is just mighty fine at the moment

On a completely unrelated topic, my mate (and fellow blogger) Tom suggested seeing Priscilla when it returns for a 3 month season in October and I think it's a smashing idea! I've seen it twice already, but it's just sooooo good that a third time will be just as fun! So, if any fellow bloggers are interested in going, let either Tom or me know.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh the Shame...

Be prepared to be appalled by the following.

A flurry of late night texts last night led to me tearing across the city at 10pm enroute to McBrad's. Nothing new there. But you know that kinda zone you get into when driving somewhere familiar - you can kinda switch off and the car will just drive itself. Well, I had the radio on and I was in that zone. The station I was listening to was Mix 106.5 (wait, I haven't got to the REALLY appalling bit yet) and on comes Shania Twain singing "From This Moment On". Now I'm sure Shania is a lovely lady and yes, back in the early 90's, we all flirted with the pop/country thing (I even purchased "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" on CD) but "From This Moment On" always made me want to was such a pappy shmappy smarmy made-for-Westie/Bogan-wedding song, with all these lyrics about being "right beside you" and "you and I will never be apart" and "I give my hand to you" blah blah blah. Well anyway, it comes on and I find myself listening to the lyrics absentmindedly and I'm thinking how much I can relate to them and how they are expressing exactly how I feel about McBrad and then my mind wanders to thoughts of a wedding and...what the hell! I pull myself up, shocked and appalled that I'm actually relating to THAT song and that I'm even thinking about weddings! (and yes, you can now all gasp with dismay - we've now covered the really appalling aspects) I know I know, I had it coming, listening to Mix in the first place. And it was late at night, it had been about 14 hrs since I'd last seen McBrad and I was very excited to be on my way back to his place, with the promise of cuddles and snuggles...but it's still no excuse. I'm so ashamed! I mean, I've previously confessed to downloading Jason Donovan to my iPod but even that doesn't rank anywhere nearly as appalling as this.

Speaking of which (and our friend Tom will be delighted that I'm mentioning an Apple product), I did some more downloading today from iTunes - some more PSB, Shirley Bassey (love her version of Get This Party Started) and Justin Timberlake.

My car is now all mechanically done and, with the new tyres and brakes and stuff, is just marvellous! So my little holiday has been quite productive! :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life on Holidays...

I've gotta tell you, I'm loving having this week off work at home! Holidays to other locations are great, don't get me wrong, but it's just fantastic to be at home, with all my stuff, but without the neccessity to get up at 6.30am each morning to go to work.

This morning, McBrad arose at the aforesaid 6.30am to go to work. He toddled off downstairs, trying ever so carefully not to make any noise and wake me (such a sweetheart - I did wake up, but I didn't mind - it's great to open one's eyes in the morning and have one's vision filled with the very hot, very naked McBrad trying to put some shorts on), and had a shower and dressed. He came back upstairs to the bedroom with a glass of orange juice for me (again, such a sweetheart) and because I did indicate that I was awake, he nuzzled my neck for about 20 seconds. YUMMMMMMMMMO! That man soooo knows how to push my buttons! And then he was off to work. I simply turned over and revisited the land of Nod! Eventually, I dragged myself out of bed at about 8.45am and went downstairs to let Noodle in. She was sooo excited to see me, she nearly wagged her tail off! Bless. I made her breakfast (dry doggie biscuits with some leftover lemon and basil chicked that I had made for last night's dinner) and left her to it whilst I had a shower. Hot Hot Hot shower...delightful. Anyway, she'd licked the bowl clean (methinks she likes my cooking) and 'cos she was so cute, I gave her a little treat - I'd bought these doggie treats from David Jones Foodhall just before we left for Port Douglas; never even realized that DJ's did pet food, but apparently they do. It's all very gourmet and the packet I purchased was called "Minty Cocomutt" - I couldn't resist! Anyway, took her for a stroll in the park, we played with the ball and she did lots of rolling about on the grass. Dropped her back at McBrad's and then I was off - took my car into the people who do brakes and new tyres and stuff for them to check my car's brakes and tyres and stuff, which they did. 3 new tyres later, all is done. I had two magnificent sausage rolls from the Grumpy Baker at Waverton for lunch, absolutely smothered in tomato sauce (ketchup for those readers not from Australia), accompanied by a short black (espresso for the aforementioned non-Australian readers) - just the perfect beverage with sausage rolls. And that's about it...I've read the Telegraph and the Financial Review and not much else. How marvellous is that!!!

I've also got to say, I have been productive - yesterday I finally sorted out all my paperwork from the past couple of years and now have everything ready to give to the tax person to do my tax return. Tomorrow, I'll put my car into the mechanic man for him to do whatever it is to make my car keep working for another year and to give it a Roadworthy certificate.

And I must also add (this is turning into a very rambly kinda post isn't it), I'm loving this weather! It's very cold (by Sydney standards) and mostly very sunny and the best thing is...I've spent the last two very cold nights with the very warm McBrad. I have to say, as most of you, my dear readers, would readily acknowledge, I've slept with one or two gentlemen in the past couple of years and McBrad is by far the warmest! He just radiates heat in bed, he's like one big, man-sized hot water bottle...albeit a furry one which is soooo much nicer! Very pleasant indeed! Just another of his many many attractive qualities! :-)

Oh, and we saw The Dark Knight last night! Wow! I do agree that Heath Ledger does steal the show somewhat - he does totally inhabit Joker's persona, I could hardly "see" Heath beneath the character. It's a very involved storyline, which requires lots of concentration, so you can't just sit back and be entertained by the effects - you do need to focus! But it's well and truly worth it and I can see why it's been so successful at the box office.

Well, that's about it for me for today. Hope everyone is having a dandy week!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McBrad Revealed...

We had arranged to have last night off - one of McBrad's friends had asked him to dinner as they hadn't caught up in ages, and I thought I needed an easy night at home, eat some dinner and watch TV. 10 o'clock comes and I'm desperately missing him! I'm fidgetting, can't watch whatever TV show it was, kept changing channels in the hope of some inspiration...all to no avail. Sent McBrad a text with words to the effect of "I'm missing you muchly, would love to come over for a cuddle and snuggle". This is not a new thing - I'll often send a text like that when I'm facing a night alone in my cold lonely bed. He normally responds with good humour but a firm "Good night, sleep well". But last night, he messaged me "If you want to come over, no probs. Home in 20 mins. x". You could've knocked me over with a feather!
Faster than you could say "knock me over with a feather", pj's were flung off, jeans/t-shirt/jumper flung on and I was out the door and driving with decidedly frantic haste over to his place. He opened the door, drew me inside and gave me a long hard snog! Magnificent! I was melting in his arms and Noodle, I think, saw how good it was and started jumping up, seeking the same! Bless. It was rather late - maybe 11.30pm or so - and so we had a quick cuddle on the sofa, discussing our respective days before it was off to bed with my gorgeous, hot man.
A most unexpected, but totally delightful way to finish the day off!
AND he gave the OK for me to post his pic on the blog. So, here it very handsome boyfriend McBrad...this was taken by yours truly on day 2 of our Port Douglas holiday!

And this one was taken on our last day there...

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm back...

Hey there everyone! Yes, I'm back from holidays! How quickly time flies when you're doing nothing but relaxing on the beach, by the pool, on the lawn etc. We had a marvellous time up there - the resort itself was a little less than what we had hoped - the website photos don't appear to have been updated for some time as the resort itself was a little run-down. But still, that aside, it was wonderful to get away and spend some serious time with my gorgeous man McBrad.
Highlights include...
  • ...An unexpected upgrade of rental vehicle at the airport resulted in a silver convertible Astra! OK, so it wasn't a BMW Roadster or Porsche but still, it was a new convertible vehicle which was just the perfect method of transportation along the coast road betwix Cairns and Port Douglas. The only time the canopy was up was when it was parked!

...Wearing t-shirts and shorts the entire good is it to be enjoying summer weather in the middle of winter! We had overnight temps around 20 degrees C and during the day it was about 26 - 28 degrees C. Marvellous!

...An early afternoon siesta cuddled in McBrad's arms. PERFECT BLISS!

  • ...Our morning routine - McBrad would arise at some ungodly hour, have breakfast at the resort restaurant, come back about 9:30, snuggle with me for 30 mins before kicking me out of bed. I'd then drive him into Port Douglas, he'd go to the gym for an hour while I read the paper in a cafe with a long black.

  • ...Fresh fish, straight off the reef, for dinner! Food was of a very good standard - just a little pricey when compared with Sydney.

  • ...Walking down the beach holding McBrad's hand; snogging him in the surf; his infectious delight with diving into the waves; lying next to him on the beach, in the sun, with just our fingers touching.

And as threatened, he went "clothing optional" on the beach - very difficult to keep my eyes off his gorgeous arse to be honest - and on the last day there, I bit the bullet and indulged in a small skinny dip myself! It was lots of fun actually, but I was still very very shy about it!

We also got to meet some nice people at the resort - we befriended an Irishman who was there for a couple of days by himself and he really appreciated that. He sent us a nice email after he left and invited us to visit him next time we're in Ireland - not sure when that will be but it was very kind of him. We also met two gay couples who also live in Sydney and hung out with them on a couple of nights, so we exchanged details and plan to get together in the next couple of weeks for dinner somewhere. So it was a very good mix of time together and a bit of social stuff.

I have come home from the holiday even more in love with him than ever!

I took this week off as well, just to stay home and get a few mundane things done - get the car serviced and re-registered, get an annual physical from the doctor, work on my DFP assignment, a bit of a "spring" clean of my apartment. And of course, just to relax. So it will be lovely.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Northern Exposure...

Well, we're off for a week - Port Douglas is calling to give us a bit of "northern exposure" (and trust me, the use of "exposure" is deliberate - McBrad's threatening to make me go "au naturel" on a beach somewhere up there...eek!).

Will try and post whilst up there however have no idea if I'll get a chance...will be quite busy relaxing on the beach, sipping cocktails, lolling by the pool, swimming in the tepid waters of the Coral Sea et al. So, hope everyone has a great week ahead...will be back next Saturday! Ciao!

Monty! x

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Catching up...

I realised that I haven't posted anything for nearly a week! Eek! So this is going to be a bit of a mish mash of items.

Firstly, met up with the personable and very chatty ThoroughlyModernColin on Friday afternoon for coffee. A lawyer with the gift of the there's a suprise! :-) We had a lovely chat - it was great to meet with a fellow Queenslander and the fact that he's as witty and amusing in person as he is on his blog was a relief! Methinks there will have to be further coffees (or actually drinks) to get more stories out of him!

Friday night was our End-of-Financial-Year party at work. It was a Mexican theme and so I cajoled John, the Risk Executive, to go along with me as two gay Zorros! Hilarious fun and I've got to say, everyone else (with the rare exception) was highly uninspired...there were lots of ponchos and original. Anyway, John and I were beaten in the "Best Dressed" comp by a psychopathic cactus. How very dare they! Despite this, we managed to have ourselves a dandy old time, downing sangria like it was lemonade.

Saturday, toddled over to McBrad's and we had some retail therapy and then a nice quiet dinner at Rubyos, followed by a DVD and snuggle at his place. Perfect. Sunday was much the same so it was a lovely quiet weekend.

I was highly annoyed however, on Monday morning when I got to my car (to drive home)...some little bastard had smashed my window and stolen my CD's (about 30 of them) and a handful of loose change that I had in the car! Bloody nuisance! Hope they choke on the cheap drugs they buy with the proceeds! It's sooooo typical Surry Hills to smash a window to get into the car. At least, here on the North Shore, the criminals are much more skilled - they actually break into the car via the lock. So, replacing the window has cost me $265! Outrageous!

Only two more working days before I'm on holidays so I'm very excited! Mark, my brother, flies in from London tomorrow afternoon so we'll catch up tomorrow night! Can't wait to introduce him to McBrad! And then, on Sunday, off we fly to warm, sunny, tropical Far North Queensland! Particularly now that the weather has turned brass monkey on us, I am really looking forward to wearing shorts and t-shirts and laying on the beach in the sun! Lurvely!!!!

So that's about it...nothing really exciting to report. Well, nothing exciting for me anyway, though apparently something akin to the Coming of the Messiah happens tomorrow - yes that's right folks, iPhone is unleashed on the Australian market and no doubt, there will be salivating crazies lining up around the block at the Apple shop across the street from work.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

State of Origin...

What a great night it was last night! Not only did the Mighty Queensland Maroons whip NSW's arses to kingdom come, but we won the series for the THIRD year running! It was great too, because we watched it from the Private Suite, and we had two former Origin greats (Billy Moore and Greg Florimo) entertain us in the suite. Billy even signed my Qld cap for me which was pretty cool. And I ran into one of the biggest Queensland Origin legends, Shane Webke, in the corridor and he very obligingly agreed to a photo with me - very exciting for me!

So a great night all round. Tonight, I'm having dinner and a sleep over with my gorgeous McBrad and then tomorrow night, it's our End-of-Financial-Year party - a Mexican themed shindig! It promises to be very rowdy and very drunken! Wahooooo!