Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monty's Miscellaneous Musings...

1. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) seriously need to get a grip...they have requested the Pet Shop Boys change their name to something more ethical and the Rescue Shelter Boys. What are those people on? Have they nothing better to do (like save whales or something) than make such ridiculous suggestions? PSB have of course, dismissed such a stupid idea.

2. Walking into North Sydney yesterday morning, on my way to the bus, a few of the Navy Seals who are based nearby jogged past me. Shirtless. Man candy - the perfect way to ease back into work after a long weekend.

3. I had my first training session with my new personal trainer yesterday after work. I've got 6 sessions with him as one of my birthday presents from McBrad and after last night's session, I'm not looking forward to the next 5. He absolutely smashed me!!! I'm sore all over today. He's very good, I've gotta say, but he's relentless. Next session is tomorrow night. Eek!

4. Got home today and had two lovely birthday cards in the mail - one from my brother Mark and his boyfriend Sim, and one from my gorgeous friend EIB, who's now living and working back in London. It was so nice to have my birthday experience extended for another couple of days.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pet Shop Boys...

McBrad got me the new PSB album "Yes" (plus it's accompanying remix album "etc") as one of his anniversary presents to me a couple of weeks ago. OK, so I've professed my deep and abiding love for PSB before but this album is just awesome! Some of the tracks are totally hands-in-the-air dance songs - thoroughly infectious pop music that elevates your mood 1000%! They just get me with their music. Admittedly, they're not everyone's cup of tea, but they are soooo mine! It was two years ago that I saw them perform in Sydney (over Easter as well) and I can't get enough of them. So do yourself a favour and buy the new CD!!! They certainly get the BIG TICK from me! :-)

Easter weekend...

It's been a rather relaxing long weekend I must say. It started off with a bit of a bang and then mellowed from there. It was my birthday - my 38th for those who are counting - on Good Friday so I decided that it would be better to celebrate on Thursday night after work, just in case people were going away for the weekend. So McBrad and I rocked up to the Dolphin Hotel, the scene of last year's birthday actually, and over the course of the evening, friends turned up. It was lovely actually, because at any given time, there was a different set of friends there...some stayed for a drink before heading out for dinner, some came after dinner, some stayed all night and kept rocking on well after we had gone home. So it was the perfect chilled out evening that I was hoping for.

Friday necessitated a sleep in, whilst the exceptionally snuggly McBrad quietly slipped out of bed and fed and walked Noodle before returning home to take me to breakfast at our favourite cafe, Cafe Ism in Newtown. And then, we spent the arvo at home, me reading the paper and tidying the garden, McBrad working on one of two assignments that are due tomorrow. Poor McBrad had phoned around many of our favourite restaurants, trying to find one that was going to be opened on Good Friday...and none were! So he was quite despairing of us even eating on my birthday night. Thankfully, Mack rang me up on his way home from the city on Friday arvo, wanting to meet up for a drink. So I wandered down and met him on Crown St and we went into Trinity Bar and had a couple of shandies and a catch up! It's great having him back in Sydney after his year in Canada. But he mentioned to me that riding up Crown St, he had noticed lots of the pubs and bars were opened, and even down our end, I could see quite a few opened too.

So McBrad and I showered and dressed and decided to wander down Crown St and find somewhere that was opened and that appealled. We ended up at our old regular, Paua, which was suprisingly open. I think that a lot more places appeared to be opened this year...I'm thinking that maybe the credit crunch has encouraged more places to trade, even on public holidays in an attempt to make more $$$. Whatever the case, it was a lovely evening with my favourite man. The perfect way to spend my birthday.

Saturday was more of the same, however I did come home Saturday night and have a nice quiet evening watching dvd's. McBrad had given me a bag of my favourite lollies as one of my birthday presents (he knows how much I love my lollies) and sitting there Saturday night, I just felt like having a couple of the lollies. 30 mins later, bag empty, and me feeling less than healthy, I started regretting opening them. And then the sugar hit! The late movie came and went and it was 2am before I knew it!!! Needless to say, I won't be doing that again soon! The good thing was that it was a long weekend, so it didn't matter if I had a couple of late nights.

Sunday, after another nice sleep in, I wandered down to the Grumpy Baker and had me a long black, a Ham and Cheese Croissant and the Sunday paper...just the perfect thing for a Sunday. And then it was back to McBrad's, and off to the gym! He sure knows how to make me sweat (from exercise that is). The lovely DG had invited us over to his place for dinner, and so that was a delightful evening of great food and great company.

Today, we were back at Cafe Ism for brekkie with Con, one of our friends. And that's about it...a wonderfully relaxed Easter weekend. In fact, I don't think I've done so little in four days as I have this weekend past.

Oh, and the ever gorgeous McBrad bought me a lovely plaited leather bracelet, with a gold clasp thingy - it looks a lot better than I've described, trust me. And 6 sessions with a personal trainer! At first, I was somewhat taken aback - wasn't sure whether it was a present or punishment, but it's actually exactly what I need! I must confess to having lost enthusiasm for the gym of recent times and I think these sessions will get me back on the straight and narrow. If the trainer is good, I'll see if I can have maybe one session a week, just to keep me motivated. The Trainer rang me on Saturday to arrange our first session (Tuesday after work) and he's British! What a bonus!!! He's 41, gay, single, and reportedly quite good looking, so that should help with the motivation too! LOL But McBrad doesn't have anything to worry about, I still think he's the sexiest man alive!!!

So that's about it. Hope you have all had a marvellous long weekend!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


It's rather late, but I've been sitting up re-reading all of my past posts about McBrad...all 81 of them. Just as an aside, I've written about 105 posts since meeting McBrad and 81 involve him...I seriously don't know how you, my lovely readers, have put up with it.

Anyway, I just can't believe all the stuff that's happened in the past 12 months! All the stuff we've done, all the anniversaries, the holidays...just reading my reactions to the "first time" things - holding hands, saying the "L" word etc. It's been quite a year, a wonderful year. And things continue smashingly well. We spent Friday and Sat down at the beach house and it was a lovely, relaxing break. We've had a wonderful month celebrating many things, and this week, it's my birthday. But you know what hit me as I sat reading all the past posts? I remembered my doubt, my insecurity in those first few months. The constant questions that I had about whether this would last (questions to myself anyway), my worry about if he would fall out of love with me. But you know, I don't think about that stuff anymore. I feel the most secure in our relationship and it's a wonderful thing. But sometimes, you need to revisit how it was in those first few months to realize how good things are now!

I can't begin to explain the changes in my life over the past year but 99% of them have been great changes. It's amazing how everything really just flows when you're happy within yourself, when you're secure with who you are and where you are in life. It took a lot of heart ache and pain and stress and worry and doubt to get to where I am now, but by golly it was all worth it. And I think that's what I really want to say...sometimes, things don't look good. Sometimes, it does feel like all the stuff you're going through isn't worth while. But it is! I've been there, and it's all paid off. I love my life!