Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not that I'm counting...

...but on the 29th of September, I'll be celebrating two interlinked will be the 3rd anniversary of my coming out and exactly 18 months together for McBrad and I. It's funny, 18 months doesn't really sound like much, but it feels like we've compacted a lot of stuff into it. We actually had a BBQ last night and it was a great feeling to see my friends and his friends mixing so well - the first time we did this, it did feel like my friends stayed together and his friends stayed together, but last night, it seemed like everyone was mingling. So despite the rather blustery conditions (or maybe in spite of the blustery conditions) it was a great night.

This morning, we cleaned up, went out for brekkie with Noodle and then we hit the SupaCentre for some furniture shopping. I'm planning on updating a few bits and pieces when I move into my new apartment and needed some inspiration and also a bit of an idea as to what it was going to cost me. I'm now busy re-writing budgets!!! I love that McBrad is just as excited (if not a bit more) as me about my new apartment - I feel so lucky to have such a supportive man!

It's funny, I have been rather haphazard at best of recent times in my blogging, and I'm finding it increasingly challenging to be motivated to continue the blog, but the other night, I re-read some of my first few posts and I was reminded why this blog has been a great thing for me. It's amazing to look back and remember how I was in those first few weeks and months after coming out. The same Monty is still here, but it's a much more confident, more relaxed Monty. After years of not really feeling comfortable in my skin (much of which had to do with my struggle coming to terms with my sexuality), I'm feel like I'm actually living the life I want and the life I'm comfortable with. So, although I do feel that this blog is fast running out of steam, I think there's still a few posts left in it.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Changing Rooms...

Well, for those of you who aren't Facebook friends (and so have not seen my status updates over the past week), it's official. We exchanged contracts on Tuesday just gone which means I now am the pround owner of both a large hole in my bank account AND a contract obliging me to cough up with a substantial bucket of cash in just over 5 weeks. In exchange, I'll receive title to a rather small, but cute apartment over on the "other side" of the harbour. Much to the disgust of Tom, our late lamented aspiring-chef/blogger, I shall be departing the leafy North Shore for the somewhat seedy streets of the inner south - in fact, I'm almost moving into the "Ghetto" (the gay variety) which is something I promised myself I would never do.

That being said, once I got over the stress of actually making the decision to buy over there, and the whole to'ing and fro'ing between me, the agent, the solicitors and the vendor, I'm really looking forward to the move. I was only thinking about it the other day, when I caught up with Tom for a cup cake and coffee, that this is the final break from my former life. You see, over the past 3 years since coming out, my life has been one of gradual changes. Friends dropped me when I came out, and so I had to make new ones. Most of my family cut me off and so I've had to adopt a new "family". Even my previously very conservative wardrobe has become a little bit more flamboyant as I've become accustomed to my new "skin". I've even put on weight (something I was never able to do previously), most of which is more muscle. I've got me a wonderful partner now. I have a new car. And now, I'm leaving my lovely North shore apartment - it has so many memories of my former life, lovely memories of course, but now just memories. It was a constant in my life when everything was turned on its head, a safe harbour as it were, but now, it represents a past that is no longer relevant to me. It's the right time to move on, to get on with my new life with McBrad and my new friends and family. I'm planning on throwing out (or donating to charities) lots of stuff - furniture, clothes, etc - and so it's really going to be quite a new start for me. Scary, but exciting at the same time.

It was funny, I was woken this morning by someone starting their lawn mower - a sound I love but a sound that I will definitely not be hearing at my new apartment. And as I lay there in bed, I started compiling a list of things I would miss about this place, as well as things I'm looking forward to in the new apartment.

Things I'll miss...

  • The lovely tree lined streets, with their lovely gardens and lawns
  • The absolute quiet of my suburb
  • My local Grumpy Baker - I love popping down on a Sat/Sun morning for a long black coffee and ham and cheese croissant
  • Crossing the Harbour Bridge on the way to/from work. It's an experience that never gets stale, no matter how many times I've done it.
  • The distinction of being a North Shore Gay - there are so few of us over here that it's always a talking point when I meet people

Things I'm looking forward to...

  • Being closer to McBrad (only about 7 minutes drive) and 95% of my friends
  • The nice French cafe literally around the corner from my new apartment. Hopefully, their ham and cheese croissants are better than the Grumpy Baker's! (their coffee is very good, I've tried it already)
  • All the savings I'll have from not having to pay Harbour Bridge/Tunnell tolls (seriously, I spend a small fortune each month driving back and forth)
  • Closeness to the puppy park and puppy shop - Noodle will LOVE it! And to Dan Murphy's and Victoria's Basement!
  • Easier access to the Eastern Beaches
There's lots more pros and cons but that's some of the ones that came to mind. All in all, it's a big decision but it's one that I'm happy with.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just an update re: my plans for purchasing an apartment. Well, my offer was accepted however under NSW laws, nothing is guaranteed until we exchange contracts and I pay my 10% deposit. That will be happening tomorrow, all things being equal. But, because it's still available, there was another viewing yesterday. McBrad and I couldn't resist - we had to go along. I wanted to have another final look at the place, to make sure that it's really the right one for me. It is. Unfortunately, it seemed that every man and his dog also thought this was a great apartment. Thankfully, the agent appeared to be very positive about my offer and advised me to exchange tomorrow to make sure I get the property.

So, I'm feeling pretty good about it...I meet with my solicitor tomorrow at 1pm and hopefully, it will all go good and we'll exchange. Cross your fingers guys!

On a completely unrelated topic, I just watched the Qantas ad on TV - I don't know what it is, but every time I hear the children's choir singing "I Still Call Australia Home", I get goose bumps! I love the Qantas ads!!!

I was just reading some of my September posts from last year - we were celebrating 6 months together and I was still pinching myself that it was real. And here we are, about to celebrate 18 months. The thing is, the time just flies and the necessity of celebrating every milestone just isn't there. I'm not terrified that it's all going to be over, I am soooo much more relaxed about our relationship. I love McBrad so much and I know that he loves me. What more do you need? I'm excited that I'll be moving closer to him and to all of my friends actually. Although I love the North Shore, it has been somewhat of a barrier - my friends can't just pop by on their way home, they can't just drop by on a Sunday arvo for a drink and a chat. Whereas, if all goes well, this will be possible. AND I'll save a fortune in Bridge/Tunnel tolls!!!

Well, now I'm sitting down to watch Scottie the Hottie and the yummilicious Toby!!!!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009


This is going to be a dot point type post...

. Currently looking for an apartment to buy (to live in). McBrad and I saw one yesterday which we both love and is just a little bit closer to his place than my current place. And yes Tom, it means moving over to the "other side" and leaving the beautiful leafy North Shore. So I'll be putting an offer in tomorrow! Wish me luck!

. Watching Idol at the moment - two guys to watch. Scottie the Hottie and Toby the Teacher! I'm in lust with both of them!!! Two completely different guys, but both sooooo yummy! (oh, and they can both I care!)

. I'm totally into salads now! I think it's the whole spring thing that's got me back into them, as well as an attempt to start eating a bit more wisely. I'm working my arse off with my Personal Trainer each week and so to then go home and chow down on KFC just doesn't make sense. Hence, the salads. In fact, I'm just about to sit down to an EPIC salad for dinner (with a nice piece of rump steak - I do like my rump) in front of the TV, watching the two HOTTIES sing! ;-)

. Spent a lovely Father's Day with McBrad and Noodle today! Noodle, clever girl that she is, bought him some stripey socks (he loves wearing stripey socks, and she loves chewing them up) and a bottle of YSL EDT - something like Nuit de Homme...or something. Anyway, he loved both of his gifts. Had breakfast in the sun with them and a couple of friends - just a really great way to spend a Sunday morning.