Monday, June 29, 2009

June...part II

Well how about this...another post within days of the previous one! Will wonders never cease!!!

Just a couple of things...I was reading some of the back catalogue of one of my favourite bloggers - the blogging world's answer to MasterChef - Tom when I realized that it was his birthday recently and nothing had been mentioned. And so, I took it upon myself to rectify this travesty! Happy belated Birthday mate! Hope that the next year ahead will bring you lots of success with both your personal life and your gourmet life!!!

Also forgot to mention that my very talented boyfriend is performing at the Opera House (again) this week - on Thursday and Saturday nights - as part of the Sydney Philharmonia Choir. They are performing Carmina Burana and I'm very much looking forward to going! He's been rehearsing like mad and I'll not get to see much of him at all this week, but it will all be worthwhile! If you're in Sydney, and feeling like a bit of "culcha", come along - there's bound to be one or two spare seats available on the night.

And, just to make the weekend even busier, we're hosting a Christmas in July dinner on Sunday night. Being a Scotsman who lived in London for 10 yrs prior to moving to Sydney, McBrad's group of friends are mostly from the UK and they all seem to miss having a big Christmas dinner when it's cold! And so, we decided to do one this year. Needless to say, I'm going to be doing my best MasterChef impression and attempting to feed the hordes. I'm doing an old favourite, Beer Up the Bum Chicken, which is easy, though not strictly very Christmassy! Ahhh, who cares - it's yummy! :-)

We saw the new Transformers movie last night - wow!!! Story line is somewhat light on, and the movie is geographically challenged (somehow, Petra is within spitting distance of the pyramids, which are apparently quite close to the coast line) but holy heck, the movie is HUGE! A full on explosion of non-stop action! Totally awesome in a very shallow way!

OK, that's it - I'm exhausted from so much blogging! :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


After a small'ish prompt (thanks DG), I realized that it's nearly the end of June and I've yet to blog. To be honest, not really that much to say. It's been a lovely month in general, with a couple of highlights.

The BEST one - my gorgeous McBrad sent me long stemmed red roses at work! Huge box of the things, with chocolate love hearts as well. I got sooooo many comments from people at work and was the envy of all the girls! I didn't take them home, as I'm rarely there, so I put them in a vase on my desk and there they stayed. They lasted for a week so it was just marvellous. Although McBrad has given me flowers before, he's always given them to me at home - he's never sent them to my work before! And even better, the note just said that he wanted to tell me that he loved me. Everyone was highly impressed that there was no anniversary (they were all very familiar with our monthly anniversary celebrations that we did for our first 12 months), no birthday, nothing. It was just a lovely gesture from the love of my life. What a sweet heart!

I received some really exciting news from my brother Mark - he proposed to his boyfriend Sim on the top of Mt Pilatus (in Switzerland)! So they're now getting married - plans are at the moment to have a registry affair in the UK and then everyone head to either France or Italy for a long weekend celebration - they'll hire a villa for the celebrations. Should be awesome. We're still waiting for them to decide when this is going to happen but it's a GREAT excuse to head back to London and have a nice little European sojourn as well. :-)

And just last week, I booked us a little winter break in Nth Queensland - 5 nights on Magnetic Island. I'm really quite excited by this - Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville where I grew up, so I've been there more times than I can remember. It was always a sleepy, backpacker style island, with a really relaxed low key vibe. But over the past few years, there's been some very nice resorts built and it's gone a lot upmarket, whilst still retaining its original feel. (well, that's what the locals are saying). So it should be great not only to spend 5 days and nights in warm Nth Qld, but also to show McBrad a bit of my hometown. Can't wait...we leave on August 10.

And that's about's busy at work as it's end of financial year, but that's all over on Tuesday so can't wait for that. My life proceeds very nicely, with my wonderful man by my side, and our gorgeous puppy running ahead! I feel very blessed.