Friday, November 13, 2009


Sorry it's been a few weeks since my last post but it's been rather busy! The worst aspect is that my Unwired broadband service is failing to pick up a signal and so I have no internet at home!

But the move went well which I was very relieved about. My gorgeous guy McBrad of course helped me immensely - on the Friday before the move, he helped me paint my apartment which was a big thing for him...thus far in his life, he's managed to avoid having to paint by simply employing other people to do it for him. So I regard it as a mark of his love for me that he cast aside his aversion to manual labour and did a marvellous job of it!!! My friends Mack, Andy, Jacqui and Dan, as well as McBrad's friend Ted all helped on the day and although it took much much longer than we expected, we did accomplish it all. It has taken me a few big days/nights since then getting the apartment all sorted out, but it's mostly done now! I've still got all my books in boxes, however tomorrow I'm going to buy a couple of bookcases and that will the last thing! I will post some pictures soon, but that will have to wait until I've got myself a new internet account with a fixed line operator. So it's all very exciting. I do love just coming home after work to MY good is that! And I'm getting up earlier each morning and actually having breakfast for the first time in several years! And my personal trainer Daz weighed me last night (after a two week absense from gym) and I've LOST 1.5 kgs (or 3.3 pounds) since we got back from holidays so I was very excited by that!

But the best thing has been my new bed. With the move being a little bit more extended than I had originally planned, I ended up staying at McBrad's for a few days. But with my new fridge and bed delivered, and me finally in the apartment, we got to break in my gorgeous new sheets, on my very comfortable new mattress on my very stylish new bed in my lovely new aparment. Nothing like a good ol' shag on new stuff! :-)

So now, it's a matter of getting used to living there, paying off a mortgage, catching a different bus to work, and adapting to my new local supermarket. And being only 8 minutes drive from McBrad's!!! It's all good!!!