Thursday, February 26, 2009


There’s not a lot to say really, the last couple of weeks have been lovely but otherwise non-eventful. We celebrated McBrad’s birthday with suitable fervour and I took him out on his actual birthday to Bird Cow Fish for a lovely dinner. We went shopping at Tiffany’s for his present (which he LOVES) and had a delightful Valentines Day/Night. It’s just been a couple of really pleasant weeks. I’m loving my life at the moment because it is just a normal life that’s shared with the most wonderful man around!!! We have dinners out, nights in, DVD’s to watch, dancing with friends at Palms, brunches on Sunday mornings, shopping for groceries and hardware, just the usual sorts of things.
Last weekend was a bit of a DIY one for us – water was leaking from the shower screen onto the bathroom floor so we bought some sealant and I applied it and lo and behold, all good! McBrad had been given some outdoor lamps as a birthday present, along with an electric drill. So we purchased some appropriate drill bits and some hooks and I drilled and screwed and hung the lamps in the back courtyard. Looks smashing…particularly at night! I love that I’m able to make a contribution to his house as I do sleep there more nights than my place! My poor apartment, on the other hand, is sadly neglected and gets a quick dust once a week if its lucky! I always thought of my apartment as a refuge – it was my home, with all my books, my CD’s, my photos, my furniture, my artwork, my clothes etc etc. But it doesn’t really feel like that anymore…it’s somewhere I sleep occasionally. I’ve realised that possessions, whilst important, don’t really make a home. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my place, but McBrad’s feels much more like home now.
Anyway, McBrad suggested to me the other night that we celebrate our 1st official anniversary with a party with our friends. I was delighted and touched that he wanted to make a big thing of it. For me, it’s a HUGE thing as it’s my first real long term relationship and I think that he wanted to do this for that reason. It is our first anniversary, but for me, it’s my first “first anniversary”. McBrad’s had a few LTR’s before, so he’s been there, done that. So I think he’s making a fuss because it does mean so much to me. Whatever the case, I’m excited to be sharing it with my friends.
Yes my dear readers, Monty has gone from International Tart of the Year to domesticated boyfriend and come 29th March 2009, it’ll be one year of monogamy for me! Although I’ve documented very well my desire for a LTR, always in the back of my mind, I questioned whether, after having had such a smorgasbord of men, I’d be able to cope with the same man all the time. And you know, I don’t even think about it much now that I’m in the situation. I still can’t keep my hands to myself when I’m around him (and to his credit, he’s very tolerant of me molesting him constantly) and always find myself responding to him at the drop of a hat. I am thoroughly attracted to him and can’t get enough of him physically! He says I wear him out! He he he! I just think he’s hotter than hot!
So I’m a happy little camper! (but you knew that, didn’t you)

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mysterious Man...

A curious question was posed by McBrad last night as we walked down Cleveland St to the lovely Indian restaurant where we were to have our dinner with our friend Carter. “Are you going to stop blogging?” he asked. “No.” was my reply, “Why do you ask?”.

He told me that he was sitting at a café yesterday morning having breakfast when a guy at the café asked him if his boyfriend wrote a blog. McBrad replied in the affirmative and the person told him that his boyfriend reads my blog and had obviously read my post from a week or so ago about me considering stopping. I assume that this guy also reads the blog occasionally, as he recognized McBrad from the photos I’ve posted. McBrad’s not so good on the details, and can’t really describe the guy that well, and so I’m wondering who it is. I’m not worried or concerned or anything – McBrad knows about the blog and knows that I’ve posted his pic on the blog – I’m just intrigued to find out who it was. So if you want to out yourself, please leave me a message! :-)

Aint it interesting how small a world we live in.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brithday boy...

Not half bad for 41 don't you think? Me personally, I reckon he's HOT STUFF!!!

Happy Birthday honey!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces...

This post is going to be in the style of Tom's...a multi subject one!

Firstly (and the non-Australian readers won't know what I'm talking about), I'm LOVING The Biggest Loser at the moment. I watched the "weigh in" on Monday night and found myself getting really emotional as I heard the contestants' stories. Of all the "reality" TV shows on air, I love this one as it's a show that actually changes people's lives for the better. It's such a positive show! And this season, there's two brothers who I think will be absolutely HOT once they've lost a few dozen kilos or so! Can't wait!

McBrad and I have been talking over the past couple of weeks about a month long trial of living together! There's a few issues that we've had to work through but I think it's going to happen. I'm very excited as well as being a little scared. Although we're spending most of each week together, it's still not the same as 24/7. The good thing is that most of the potential problems that we can see have been discussed and workshopped, so hopefully they won't be problems. It's still not a done deal, I've still got to make my final decision, but I think it will happen.

I'm at home tonight, it's a nice easy night and it's nice just to watch some tv, eat some dinner, play Scrabble on Facebook, and chill.

It's also McBrad's birthday in a week's time - we're celebrating with a dinner out on Saturday night for a bunch of friends and on Tuesday, his actual birthday, with a dinner for two. And it's when he'll get his birthday present from me. I met him last year 6 weeks after his 40th birthday, which means of course, that our first anniversary is fast approaching! Can you believe it??? Monty and McBrad about to celebrate the first REAL anniversary!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's the last day of January 2009 and I've barely written anything in my blog! I've been lacking the desire/will to do so for the last few weeks...whether it's just the summer slackness or something more fundamental I'm not sure. It's kinda feeling like my blog has served its purpose and now updating seems to be more like updating my diary than anything else. I originally started blogging at the suggestion of a friend who himself was a blogger (and who has since stopped)...he thought it would be a good outlet for me to be able to express myself, having recently come out and trying to deal with the ramifications. And it was a great suggestion! Apart from the therapeutic benefits of being able to get stuff off my chest, thanks to many of you, my dear readers, I came to realize that lots of people out there had similar issues to deal with. So my blog became part of my coming out, with all my experiences dutifully recorded for posterity. All the new stuff that I had to deal with became a lot easier with the feedback that I received. And of course, the friends I've made through blogging has been a very unexpected blessing.

But what am I saying? Well, lately, it just seems like I'm simply updating what I've been doing, where I've been going etc, which really isn't that interesting. I feel like I'm in a settled place in my life, with my wonderful McBrad a major factor in that. Obviously we have our issues to deal with but I'm not going to blog those, because while I'm quite comfortable blogging about my own issues, I don't think it's fair to discuss stuff about McBrad - I would only be stating my side of the story and as I'm convince, there's always 3 sides to every story - mine, McBrad's and the truth. Each of us has a different perspective on things and so our respective stories would be influenced by that. That being said, there's not been anything significant to write about...I feel like I've been very lucky to find someone like him and so am happy as Larry!

Anyway, it's a bit of a ramble, but I'm seriously questioning the necessity of this blog, and my desire to continue. I've not yet decided, but just thought I should give you some advance warning about what I'm thinking.

It's a lovely warm weekend here in Sydney, beatiful sunny skies. We took Noodle to the beach today and it was wonderful! Hope all of you are having great weekends too!!!!