Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding pics...

Before you get too excited...these are not our wedding pics...but we attended a wedding in the Hunter Valley over the long weekend and these are a couple of nice pics of us.
I LOVE a man in a kilt! Doesn't McBrad look simply smashing! A Very Handsome man indeed!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Firstly, let me just apologize for the pics - sometimes I really hate Blogger - I'll put the pics and the comments in and then when I click on publish, it just rearranges them!

Anyway, I'm now back in Sydney after phase 2 of our holiday - Perth. But I just wanted to fill you in on Fraser Island firstly as I was very remiss last week.

We went to Fraser Island with Paul, one of McBrad's friends who lives in London and who was out here on holidays. We stayed at Kingfisher Bay Resort which is an eco-resort on the western side of the island. Lovely place, some very nice pools, great restaurants, a little pricey. We booked ourselves a self contained 2 bedroom apartment which was set up in the bushland up the hill overlooking the Great Sandy Strait and we were very impressed with it. Nice little jacuzzi on the balcony was a lovely way of concluding each day. Anyway, the highlight of Fraser Island for me was Lake MacKenzie. Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island and it's seriously big! But Lake MacKenzie is a fresh water lake in the middle of the island and is absolutely magnificent!!! The beach is the whitest sand I have ever seen...literally blindingly white! The water was delightful - cool and refreshing without being cold. I could have stayed there all day except for the fact that we had the rest of the island to explore. Because Fraser is a sand island, only 4WD vehicles are allowed and so we hired ourselves one and went driving over the very rough tracks. Hit the eastern beach and wow! Now, I've grown up on the east coast of Australia and have seen some very long beaches but it's just an incredible experience to drive for an hour and a half along a long, straight and seemingly endless beach! So cool! All along the beach, little fresh water creeks flowed into the ocean which provided lots of fun crossing. It's just such a wild, untamed place! And halfway along, there's a wreck of ship (the Moheno) which has been there for about 80 years - it's pretty awesome as it's gradually being covered with sand - there's apparently 5 levels beneath the sand already, with just two above.

And thankfully, it attracts lots of young people - young, hot backpackers which made for some very pleasant sightseeing! he he he!

Anyway, it was a lovely relaxing holiday - although only there for 6 days, it felt like a couple of weeks - we were just sooooo disconnected from life. Marvellous!

We then flew back to Sydney, were here for a day and then on the next plane to Perth! What a change!!! It was 42 degrees Celcius when we arrived and I could barely breathe. So needless to say, we spent the afternoon by the pool! We stayed with McBrad's niece and her husband (I had met them several months ago when they visited Sydney) and McBrad's older brother was there visiting as well. So I got to meet one of his immediate family which was kinda nerve wracking but he was fine, if a little difficult to understand, with his very strong, very regional Scottish accent. I never realized how lucky I am that McBrad's accent is quite mild after spending 10 years in London! Anyway, we spent a long weekend in Perth and didn't really do anything touristy - it was more about McBrad catching up with his family and that was nice. We caught the red eye back to Sydney which is a killer! For those who are wondering, the red eye left at midnight Sunday night, arrived at 6am Monday in Sydney. As we travelled east, we lost 2 hours, so it meant that very little real sleep was experienced on the plane and so we were totally smashed when we got home...we just had a shower and crashed big time! McBrad, the trouper that he is, got up at lunchtime and went to work! I had a very very very lazy afternoon! That's why I love holidays so much!

Anyway, this week is a chance to catch up on a few things that need doing around my place! I have tax to put into a man to do, my car to clean, my wardrobes to clear of excess clothes, maybe a trip or two to the beach, a little bit of sleeping in, a doctor to see about a nagging cough I have...just the usual stuff that you never seem to get time to do normally. And then, Saturday, we're driving to the Hunter Valley for a wedding. We're spending the weekend there so hopefully there'll be opportunity for some wine tasting! Yummmmmo!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fraser pics...

The endless beach, the crystal clear water - Fraser is just an incredible place!!!

My new favourite photo!

Me on the beach...

In the gloriously refreshing fresh waters of Lake MacKenzie!
A very WHITE me and a very tanned Paul (a friend of McBrad's) - you can see the torquoise colour of the water and the white sand! Magnificent place!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fraser Island...

Hello from the amazing, stunning, gloriously hot and sunny Fraser Island!!! Just a quick update to let you all know that I'm alive and kicking and we're having a sensational time. I'll post more details whence I return to Sydney but suffice to say that it's been a lovely holiday. I've got buckets of pics to process and will post a couple of them for your viewing pleasure of course. It's just sooooo relaxing here - it feels like we've been gone for weeks instead of just merely 5 days but that's the effect of the island. Lots of langorous mornings in bed, some very energetic evenings in bed (he he he) and lots of eating the food, drinking the wine, and laying like brocoli on the sandy beaches! Perfect.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Here's the latest couple of pics...we were out with my brother Mark and his boyfriend Sim on Saturday night when this pic was taken. McBrad is such a handsome man!

And here's a great pic of Noodle and her friend JJ on the beach on Sunday. Who's a good girl!!! :-)

7th January...

Well, it's Wednesday afternoon and I've just got home from work. I have to say, I am totally exhausted. This week has just dragged and I can't wait for tomorrow to come and go. I had lunch with McBrad today and he agreed with me, this holiday just can't come soon enough. The past month's social activities have left us both needing some chill out time. And Fraser Island should provide that perfectly.

It's been hot and dry for the past couple of weeks which has been a perfect start to summer - so we are very much in the mood for a nice Queensland holiday, sitting in the sun, strolling on the beach, swimming in the pool, sleeping, eating and generally doing very little. Granted, the resort we are staying at is an eco-resort and there are all sorts of walks and tours that we can take to explore the natural wonders of the island, but with the way I'm feeling, I'm not sure just how much we'll see.

Anyway, I probably will be offline until I get back next Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have some good pics to upload. :-)

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Here's a pic of the Gorgeous McBrad and I - this was taken down the coast at the beach house on Boxing Day. The pic is slightly blurry, but still, you can see how handsome he is! :-)

And McBrad with the newly shorn Noodle! Isn't she so cute! :-)

And us at New Year's...we're a little less than sober at this stage. :-)

The Garden Revealed...

OK, here's the pics of the completed garden. It's a shame that I didn't take any pics of the pre-renovation garden, but you'll just have to use your imagination - basically, it was just all covered in 8 foot tall hedges, very dark and closed in.

And here it is, being used - having pre-dinner drinks and presents a Christmas...before sitting down to eat our Turkey dinner.