Sunday, December 31, 2006

I think I'm turning into...

I started writing this blog 31 December 2006 thinking I'd do a review of the year that was. But I wasn't really inspired and so it's now 10 January 2007 and I'm finally re-writing.

I'm currently still frantically dating as many guys as I can, with the consequence that I'm feelilng a little fatigued! "Dating fatigue" if there is such a thing. It's a funny situation I find myself in - something I've never experienced before but from what I can ascertain, is quite common amongst gay guys. DG is quite the expert and has set high standards for the rest of us. I'm currently trying to beat his all time record of having 9 dates on one weekend. My best so far is 5 dates in two days! It is sometimes a bit of a whirlwind, and I feel like I'm turning into the Dating Guy (but for Trademark purposes, I'll remain Monty)!

Is it that we think that there is always something better out there? The thing is that I am seeing a lovely guy - he works in a foreign consulate here in Sydney. PC and I have been seeing each other since before Christmas. We've been shagging which is most pleasant, and we seem to get on very well. I'm excited every time I see him and he turns me on very easily! However, he's pretty happy with things as is, and doesn't feel that we should be in a "relationship" as such because of my relative newness to the gay scene. It's a pretty casual kind of affair really - he's a bit of a laid back guy. He's very happy for me to see other guys and so that's what I am doing. I too am wanting to meet other guys as well, but the more I see PC, the less reason there seems to keep on dating. I do actually quite like the guy. I'm not shagging anyone else and wouldn't unless I told him first, but he fully expects that I should be out there shagging as well (safely of course).

And so, I am spending most week nights meeting up with new guys that I have met on Gaydar. Most are pretty nice guys, after the first few disasters, however I have not felt the same chemistry with them that I felt when I first met PC. It's fun, but there is a sameness to the dates as you go over the same information exchange - travel, family, employment etc.

Everyone says that I really need to get out and explore, meet new men to work out what I am really looking for, given my relative inexperience in gay relationships. But my nature (and nurture) keeps steering me towards dating one person at a time. It's a dilemna which so far I've ignored but the more I see PC, the more keeps tapping me on the shoulder!

The other thing is that I have met one other guy who shall remain nameless for the time being. Physically, he doesn't fit my general criteria, however I get on very well with him, he's a good conversationalist and is quite cute. I hesitate to formally ask him out, as he does move in my general social circle and so it's a bit trickier, particularly if things don't go well. But I do really like him!

So it's a conflict between my natural desire to settle down with one guy (which at this moment would be PC), the thrill of the chase with the Gaydar masses (and it is a thrill), or the cerebral delights of dating a friend.

Hmmmmmmm...! What's a boy to do???

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out and about...!

Feels like it's been months since my last blog...I think it's about 3 or 4 weeks in reality. But it's been so chaotic, that when I get home, the last thing I feel like doing is blogging! Which doesn't really make sense, as I have been sitting on the PC typing a lot, just not on the blog. What have I been typing? ask.

When Dane and I broke up, I decided I needed to expand my horizons somewhat, get out there and meet more guys! And so, gaydar profile in hand, I commenced trawling through the thousands of profiles, looking, looking, looking...and getting rather shocked in some instances, and impressed with others! I've left tracks on guys profiles, I've sent messages, and I've had lots of response! Which has been nice! And so, armed with some sound advice from my guardian angel DG, I've started meeting all these guys!

And what an experience it is! As DG mentioned to me the other day, it's quite an exciting thing, when it first happens. All these guys seem to like my profile, seem to like my conversation when I talk to them via MSN and on the phone, and so want to meet me! It's flattering! But then, once I meet them, I see why they are so enthusiastic! They're FREAKS! Well, some of them anyway!

I always knew that on Gaydar and the like, you are never going to get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! I've heard of the Gaydar age and Gaydar inches and so was expecting this. But the level of dishonesty is staggering! What do these guys hope to achieve? I mean, sooner or later, you're going to find out that they are actually 10 yrs older than they claim, and that rather than extra large, they're lucky if they're average! And it's not a good start to any kind of relationship (be that sexual or platonic). I met up with this guy the other week and he was supposed to be "defined" as body type...defined my arse! Unless you call pear-shaped defined that is...! So it's certainly been an education!

I haven't had all bad experiences, let me hasten to add. I've met some lovely guys and we are now chatting regularly and in the New Year, will no doubt meet up again for another beer or coffee or whatever. At the moment, I'm running out of evenings to meet up with all the usual Christmas social stuff that happens. And the good thing is that I'm not shagging any of them, so I can apraise them with a more level head. After jumping into a relationship with Dane (lovely though he is) and finding myself completely out of depth, I've pulled back considerably. Just happy to meet guys, chat, have a beer or two, and leave it at that. In good time, if I like any of them, I'll let it move to the next stage. Baby steps...that's my new philosophy!

So, now christmas is approaching and I'm off down the coast for the long weekend! My brother Mark arrived today from London with his new boyfriend and I'll be spending the weekend with them, plus a few of his friends. It will be great. And this Friday, I'm having a couple of NSSG's friends (Gav, Gay Academia and Mike) over for dinner which will be lovely! He's been great in introducing me to his circle of friends and so gradually I am increasing my gay social circle! We'll miss DG who was going to be there, but in an impulsively romantic gesture, threw caution to the wind (and several thousand dollars too no doubt) and is flying over to the USA to spend Christmas with NSSG...sigh! How sweet!

Have a great weekend everyone!