Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well, it was just another ordinary Monday actually. Nothing untoward at all. It almost didn't feel like anything had happened, considering we were so drunk on Friday when it all did happen. CGWG greeted me normally, I greeted him back. No perceptable change to our behaviour really. He's in the middle of moving house and his brother's wife has just had a baby in Newcastle and so this week is very disrupted for him, otherwise he seemed willing to come over for dinner etc etc. ;-) He told me that we'll do it next week. He goes to Newcastle on Thursday and is there for the weekend.

So all my anxiety about Monday has really gone. If nothing ever happens again between us, then it's all sorted. If something does happen, it's not going to happen overnight!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Unconsious mutterings....

Soldier :: Sailor
Lipton :: Tea
Reason:: -able
Terms :: of endearment
Positive :: Negative
Example :: to follow
Legacy :: Badge
Solo :: Lemon
Instrument :: Violin
Later :: Dude

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A drizzly Sunday...

I know I am going to get howls of outrage from all Harbour Party attendees, but I'm very happy that it's a rainy ol' Sunday today! Nothing better than a sleep-in when it's overcast/raining, followed by a lazy lunch, and then a most pleasant couple of hours spent reading the Sunday papers!

Meeting up with a mate later on this arvo for a drink, and then it's a night at home. I'll get to watch the 6pm news (always exciting, never seem to get home early enough week nights to see the news) and Grey's Anatomy and, as I've just read, McSteamy is back tonight with not a lot covering him up! Yum!
It's perfect, and very needed after the last few nights!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another big night...

Foolish foolish boy that I am...I swore to have an easy night at home last night, to recover from Thursday night's revelries. James and Jacqui both agreed with me, and they were going to do the same. Incidentally, James and Jacqui are the colleagues at work who got together, as mentioned in my previous blog entry Distractions at Work...

So, we finished work around 4'ish and there's always drinks on after work Fridays. James and Jacqui were going to have one drink and go home and CGWG was going to have a drink as well. So I allowed myself to be persuaded to join them...for ONE drink.

Well, 8pm came and it was down to 4 of us, and about 6 bottles of wine gone! And there was some serious flirtation happening between CGWG and myself. And plenty of leg contact under the table. James and Jacqui suggested we hit the Red Oak, a great pub/brewery in Clarence St. So we toddled down there, and had a few very pleasant beers. By this stage, one of my hands was on his leg (the other hand was obviously holding the beer) and his hand was on mine.

James sent me a text message (from across the table)..."You just think very carefully before you proceed my friend". Jacqui sent me a text message (again, from across the table)..."Take your hand of that man's knee!". But, by that stage it was tooooooo late! Monty was seriously inebriated and even more seriously horny!

So, brought the boy home and well, you know how it goes. His chest, as suspected, was magnificently furred! And he's a very good cuddler! Very good! We had breakfast this morning and I dropped him back at his place.

Was this a foolish thing to do? How is it going to be on Monday morning? What's happens next? Hmmm, methinks Monty is in for some interesting times ahead! Watch this space...

Friday, February 23, 2007


Got to work this morning and Cute Gay Work Guy (CGWG) was tie-less and his top two buttons undone. I may be tired, but not too tired to notice that his chest was rather nicely furred...mmmmmm! ;-)

Sleep deprived...

I'm a little peeved at the moment.

Last night, had a great night - dinner at my friends James and Jacqui's place...delicious porterhouse steak and salad. The steak was magnificent...truly delightful - James cooked it to perfection. And I brought one of my 3 remaining bottles of Bin 2000 '02 Shiraz which is just really starting to taste sensational - worked perfectly with the steak. We then proceeded to consume another 3 bottles (yes, 4 bottles between 3 of us humans) of sundry reds over the course of the night. Staggered home (thankfully, they live around the corner) and hit the sack around 2am. (stick with this, I am getting to the point)

Woke up this morning, remarkably not suffering any ill effects. I was just deadly tired. And so I have dragged myself to work, my mind not fully functioning, desperate just to sleep!

And what have I encountered? Firstly, my boss didn't turn up until 10.30am, so I could've had at least an extra hour of sleep without any consequences. Secondly, our main client management system hasn't been working for the past 90 minutes and so, I have been here at work, tired out of my brain, AND ACCOMPLISHING BUGGER ALL!!! If I was actually able to work, at least the dragging of my poor tired body out of bed and into work would feel worthwhile!

Tonight, I'm going to go home, make some dinner, and watch a DVD. AND go to bed EARLY! Blissssssss!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Distractions at work...

A new guy started at work this week - he is replacing a colleague who has been promoted. My colleague sits next to me, so once she goes, the new guy will be sitting there. He's gay, 25 yrs old and very cute! We've engaged in some mild flirtatious behaviour but nothing serious...yet.

It's a conundrum for me...everyone says that it's inherently risky to get involved with someone you work with, particuarly given that we will be sitting next to each other. If things go wrong, it can be seriously tricky to deal with in an office! HOWEVER, the colleague who is getting promoted actually started a relationship with another colleague last year. When I found out about it, I asked them to make sure that they had an exit strategy worked out, just in case things didn't work out. They just laughed at me and to be honest, they haven't yet needed it. They went on their first big holiday over Christmas when they went back to England to meet her parents. They just moved in together before they left for O/S. Everything seems to be going well, despite the fact that they do work together. So obviously things can work when two people work together...BUT...does that apply in a gay relationship which seems so much more likely to be transient???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh what a weekend...!

It's certainly been an eventful weekend - mainly due to the efforts of NSSG! The weekend was bookended by two QueerScreen movies - Friday night and Monday night. The Friday night movie was hilarious! And it was certainly an interesting experience, in a movie theatre packed to the rafters with gay men, all laughing so loudly that you couldn't actually hear parts of the movie! It was a great experience! And Max Brenner's afterward....mmmmmmmm chocolate!

The Monday night screening was a series of short films...some were great, some were CRAP - particularly the Australian entry! But again, an interesting experience.

Fair Day - there's been quite a lot said about Fair Day - it didn't really do it for me...and I was trying to think last night why it didn't do anything for me...and I think it's because I don't really feel part of the Sydney Gay community yet. Not sure I want to feel part of the Sydney Gay community either. For me, being gay is not my identity, it's not something that consumes my way of life...rather, for me, I'm a guy that likes other guys. That's what makes me gay. And so, something like Fair Day didn't really mean a lot to me. There's no doubt that my newly OUT status has something to do with it - but I do wonder whether that's going to change really.

The Bloggers' meet on Sunday night, however, was very good. It was great to see Gav again. It was fantastic to meet Muzbot! And certainly eye-opening to meet and talk to Aussielicious and Drew. And as NSSG has reported, it was bigger than Melbourne's meet, and that's all that really mattters! ha ha!

An interesting addendum to one of my previous blogs "A Disappointed Fan..." - after getting so excited finding Ian Roberts' Gaydar profile and then getting disappointed when he didn't respond to my message, who should walk into the Tilbury on Sunday night but Ian Roberts! With my body double in tow! Doh!

And one more thing to get excited about...I was talking to my good friend Carl in Budapest last night and mentioned that I was a blogger! It's an interesting thing really - as Gav mentioned at the Bloggers' meet, he doesn't tell his friends that he's a blogger. And up until now, I hadn't told Carl that I was a blogger, despite the fact that I tell him pretty much everything that happens in my life. I don't know why I hadn't told him - he is privy to much more information than ever goes on the blog. But it came up last night, and so I did end up telling him my blog address. I was very excited when I got a message from him this morning with his new blog address! I've linked it to my blog now! The bloggers' web continues to spread! I look forward to reading more from An Englishman in Budapest!

Unconscious Mutterings

Threshold :: Pain
Jason :: Argonauts
Suspicion :: Terror
Tender :: -ise
Tempted :: beyond belief
Crimson :: velvet
Repulsive :: frog
Bulldog :: Canterbury
Garage :: sale
Racket :: ball

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Gay Education Continues...

Chatting to NSSG today about the Bloggers' Meet on Sunday night and he mentioned to me that everyone is going to Fair Day on Sunday afternoon. Fair Day? What the heck is Fair Day? It's times like this that yours truly feels so very inexperienced in the ol' Gay world...despite all my advances to date.

Just when I start feeling like I've got a handle on stuff, more new things arise! The Learning Curve is a very steep one at the moment!

Ah well, it's all fun, and the Fair Day promises to be a bit of fun! A whole park full of gay boys! You can't complain! To be followed by an evening with a bunch of bloggers and friends (many of whom sound single and cute - always a good combination!) - wahoooo! LOL

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sheets and other miscellaneous haberdashery...

When I first moved out of home, my mother reiterated to me the need to hang my sheets and towels out to dry on the clothes line, instead of using a clothes dryer. She told me that the vitamin A or D or whatever it was that we get from the sun is good for the sheets etc. Now, I don't know if there's scientific backing for what I would call an Old Wives Tale, but it's been ingrained into me and so I continue to hang my sheets and towels out on the line.

You see, there's nothing quite like slipping between fresh sheets at night; sheets that have been dried in the sun that day. Although the heat of the sun has dissipated, you can't help but feel the essence of the sun as you slide between the sheets and inhale the fresh, crisp warmth. (I know it does not make sense to inhale warmth, but that's the best way I can describe it...all five senses are involved when it comes to freshly washed and dried sheets) And so I washed my sheets yesterday and hung them out to dry. Unfortunately, I didn't take them off the line soon enough and so the only essence you can feel on the sheets at the moment is the rain!

So, my sheets will need re-washing and re-drying once the sun comes out...but once that happens, that very night I will be having one of those little thrills of pleasure I get every time I change my sheets! It's one of those secret weekly pleasures that make life just a little bit more enjoyable!

Unconsious mutterings....

Came across this idea in Muzbot's blog and it sounds like an interesting idea...so I'll give it a go...

The best thing :: next
Hold :: fast
Rapture :: capture
Cover :: story
Restrictive :: access
Baker :: Candlestick maker
Author :: me
Pill :: popping
Months :: days
Valentine’s Day :: PC

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monty's first Mardi Gras...

Summer has always been a busy time of year. In my 'previous' life (ie straight), December was full on (obviously) and January as well - with the Sydney Festival and all of it's many activities like the Symphony in the Domain and Outdoor/Moonlight Cinema. Plus all of the social activities organized by either myself or my friends, the picnics, BBQ's, parties etc. Summer in Sydney is SENATIONAL!

But this year, amidst all of this activity, one of my friends asked me..."so, what are you doing for Mardi Gras?"...and to be honest, I hadn't even thought about it. I knew it was around March sometime, but had no real idea when exactly it was on. Nor had I considered how I would be involved (if at all). Mardi Gras was just never in the equation for me in the past.

And so, three weeks out and I still don't know what I'll be doing. I do know that I'll be going to the parade and watching it from the sidelines. NSSG (bless him) invited me to march with him and DG but I don't think I'm quite ready for this just yet. As I've come to learn about myself, one thing at a time - best not to jump into it before I'm ready...baby steps are the way to go! :-)

But am I going to the after party? Dunno. I'm tempted, just because it's my first MG and so I think it would be fun and interesting. And as Dane mentioned to me the other day, the two of us would probably be the only guys there who weren't on drugs! LOL So should I go to the party and cough up $130 for what will be a really large dance party? Or save the $$ and just go out on Oxford St? Is the After Party really worth it?

A few guys have mentioned Toy Box at Luna Park the following day...and that's really tempting...Luna Park is just around the corner from where I live so it's very accessible. And sounds like heaps of fun!

NSSG (bless him yet again) has booked us tickets to some Queer Screen movies which sounds very interesting. He's such a good social organizer and is very sweet to invite me! I'm looking forward to that as another hitherto unknown aspect of MG.

And DG has booked tix to see Priscilla which should be great! That's later in March but I'm really looking forward to that. I've heard great reviews about it.

BUT the one BIG thing I really really really want to see as part of MG is...Sing-a-long Sound of Music! It's on 23 Feb at the State Theatre, but unfortunately, no-one I know wants to go!!! And it's not for want of trying! I've begged, cajoled and threatened...all to no avail. It just doesn't rock the boats of my friends! BUT, I was having coffee with my Spunky Masseur yesterday (the one who doesn't give 'happy endings') and I mentioned it to him and he really wants to go too! So, he's going to check with some friends of his and will let me know. He's even got the makings of a costume for it (a Nazi soldier). I hadn't thought about going in costume, but if he's doing it, I will have to. I put on the CD (yes, sad I know) yesterday arvo for some inspiration and think I've got it...A Prince on the bridge of a Castle Moat (heard lay oh da lay ee oo) - for those of you savages who don't know Sound of Music verbatim, it's from the "Lonely Goatherd". So, now my challenge is to find a costume store with some sort of Prince costume...or make one myself (not a good idea). I really don't want to go as a nun (how un-original) or Maria, or the Captain, or anything obvious - and I think the Prince idea could work...and hopefully, I won't look like a complete dickhead!

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself...will have to see if Spunky Masseur can find some friends who want to go. So watch this space!

Anyway, happy Mardi Gras everyone!

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Disappointed Fan...

I met up with a guy the other week for lunch...met him on Gaydar and although there was no major attraction, in the course of our conversation, we discovered we work for the same employer. So, we met up for lunch.

Lovely guy - and a very entertaining lunch! This guy is into muscles in a big way and Rugby League - two not incompatible interests! He let slip that he had seen Ian Roberts' profile on Gaydar and had even sent him a message...an as yet unreplied-to message. This was very exciting news for me! I have been an Ian Roberts fan for years! And in fact, as part of my coming out research/homework, I read his autobiography, which I actually enjoyed! It combined two of my favourite things, Ian Roberts and Rugby League!

Anyway, I raced home, armed with his profile name, looked it up and sure enough, there was Ian staring at me across the Net! I couldn't help myself, I had to send him a message. So I did. I tried hard not to make it gushy - I just wanted to say hello, and to convey to him my personal thanks for the step that he took in outing himself as a gay sportsman in Australia.

Well, tonight he retrieved my message (got one of those Read Message things) which thrilled me! I waited breathlessly at my PC, waiting for him to reply. Alas, there was no reply! I didn't ask for sex, or even make a suggestive remark, I simply tried to connect. But I suppose he must get bucketloads of messages on Gaydar and so mine would've been just lost in the crowd. But it would've been nice for him just to reply with a "thanks" at least.

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I'm off down the coast this weekend. The weather forecast is looking good! Should be lovely to chill out and spend some time with a couple of friends from work. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Queer Eye On a Straight Guy...

This blog was started a couple of weeks ago, but was never completed. Recent developments have made it current...

What a weekend! Where does one start? At work...the company I work for is a large Australian Bank with a large number of staff working in any number of departments/divisions. Where I work, we share the floor with staff from our Funds Management subsidary. My team has only recently moved to this floor, and so we don't know the FM team at all. They sit on the other side of the building, doing whatever it is they do (manage funds I suppose). A couple of them have been friendly though, saying hello if we cross each other in the corridor/lift well etc. One of them particularly has been friendly to me, we have had brief chats over the past couple of weeks. That is until last week...

Last week, the two of us happened to both take a rather late lunch, with the consequence that we had the lunch room to ourselves. I had just had a case of wine delivered to my desk that day and FM commented on it. It turns out he's a bit of a wine buff, a collector and appreciator! I happen to be a wine drinker! So we actually got into quite an animated conversation about it. At the end of lunch, he said he must get me over to his place to check out his collection. HELLO! What's he really saying??? I casually said that'd be great, and left it at that. I knew he had been married and was now divorced, but up until now had only admired from afar...after all, he's straight, right?

I had Friday off this week and had a very enjoyable lunch date with a guy I had been chatting to. I got home around 3pm and recieve an SMS...it's FM inviting me over to his place after work that day for a glass of red!!! Well, not being one to say no to a free drink, I accepted.

I got there, he welcomed me, opened a bottle of a lovely Cab Sav and we sat down on his balcony, enjoying the view and chatting. Well, a few glasses down the hatch and he's bringing another bottle out from the cupboard. I compliment him on something (what it was, I cannot recall) and he thanks me for being so sweet and then bends down and kisses me. Softly. I'm surprised, but not averse to the direction this is taking!

But then he sits down and pours the wine and we continue chatting! My head was spinning...and it wasn't just the wine! Is he...? Does he want to...? Should I...?

In the end, it's much simpler. We are standing in front of a painting on his wall, and I'm mid-sentence when he just kisses me again. This time, it starts off soft and then keeps going! There's not going to be conversation continuing with this kiss!

And so, we shag! Oh my goodness, do we shag!!! The man is a genius and incredibly sexy and very good at what he does! I've thought he was hot since I first saw him, but never in a million years had I ever expected that I would be getting naked with him and having the shag of my life! Granted, my experience is somewhat limited, but still, FM is very very good! I've only, up until this stage, shagged guys younger than me, but after shagging FM, I'm a fan of the "older" man (he's 40).

The Funds Management section had an "off site" the following week at a city hotel and all the Execs (FM included) were put up at the hotel as they had a fairly heavy workload. This seemed to rule out any shagging over the duration of the "off site" (well, so I thought) but he had different ideas! Rang me on the first night about 10.30pm, invited me to his room. Completely hooked, I quickly dressed and drove in. Snuck in, feeling quite like a rent boy (without the rent) and totally loving it!!! Clandestine sex is very fun!

The "off site" was going to get more intense as the week progressed and he told me that it would be unlikely we'd get a chance to see each other for the rest of the week. Damn!

SMS'd him on the second last day, just to say hello. A quick flurry of text messages followed, with the end result that, at 1.30pm that day, I took off for lunch and practically ran to his hotel, met him in his room and we frantically shagged! Hot stuff! Well, it felt like it for me, who's never even thought of anything like this before! Lunch time shags, I must say, have got a lot going for them! Particularly when it's with a very hot guy who is, to the outside world, STRAIGHT!

The "off site" finished on the Friday and Friday night I was on his door step knocking! WE spent the night together and then after an early morning shag, he told me that, lovely as it was, he couldn't keep doing this. He still felt straight and did not think would be capable of a relationship with a guy. I was expecting this, didn't think my one success converting (or at least helping convert) the bi-sexual Frenchman in Berlin would necessarily rub off onto every other not-quite-straight man I met. It was a great week and we parted as friends. I put him out of my mind, and only saw him in the distance accross the floor at work.

Saw him the other day though, he was talking with my Executive Manager. I needed to see my EM quite urgently, so politely interrupted and said what I had to say. My EM then introduced me to FM, in the spirit of trying to promote a friendlier office, so I shook his hand and that was it. Received a text a couple of minutes later..."So nice to meet you. I wanted to more than shake your hand...I am bad!"

Oh my goodness!!! What is he saying??? I texted back..."You are bad...but I was thinking the same thoughts." I had been quite sucessful at putting him out of my mind, but seeing him again, and more specifically, shaking his hand and speaking (albeit briefly), had brought it all back. Another flurry of sms's followed and we are now meeting up tomorrow night after work. This week has been insane, I have hardly been able to concentrate at work - this guy is intoxicating in his sexiness and invades my thoughts all the time! But, I know that it's purely a physical thing for him, there's not going to be a future in this. But I still can't help wanting him! And saying yes to him!