Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, it's on for young and old at the moment. I settle on my apartment next Tuesday and move in on the following weekend, so I'm currently up to my ears in boxes, packing all my worldly goods in anticipation. It's very exciting as well as very stressful, but at the moment, the excitement is winning. I'm taking the opportunity to update my interiors as well, so I'm giving about half of my furniture away to a charity and buying new stuff. Last weekend, I bought me a lovely new bed and mattress and this week, I popped into David Jones and got a new set of sheets...lovely 525 thread count cotton "Sanderson" sheets. Apparently, they're so marvellous the Queen uses them (well, she officially endorses them anyway)! They do feel so wonderfully smooth - almost satin-like. Bliss. I can't wait to try out my new sheets, on my new mattress, on my new bed, in my new apartment with my very hot boyfriend!!! Wahooo!

This weekend is going to be mostly about packing...and a quiet BBQ with some friends at McBrad's, followed by a bit of a dance at Palms!

It's funny, as I've been going through my stuff at home, sorting out what to keep and what to flick, I've had to reflect on my "old" life. There's so much stuff that I've not used/worn since I came out for one reason or another and so a lot of it has gone into the "flick" pile, but everything has a memory attached, mostly good. It's not that I want to forget that life - I don't! I really liked my life up until I came out, with that one small exception of my struggle about my sexuality. Otherwise, it was all good. But it's a matter of moving on now. This is my opportunity to leave those last few vestiges of that life behind and start looking forward.

As always, my gorgeous McBrad has been a pillar of support and kindness and I can never get over how lucky I am. After all those ups and downs of dating, to have found someone as wonderful as McBrad is just fan-bloody-tastic!