Monday, June 30, 2008

3 Month Anniversary...

Well, we've made it officially to 3 months folks. That's right, Monty is continuing to outperform even my mild expectations and all things considered, going strong! BUT, I hasten to add, you are not going to be regaled at the end of every month with an anniversary post. Yes, we've had 1 Month, 2 Month and now 3 Month posts, but that will be it...until 6 months, and then the big one, 1 Year - the actual first real anniversary! That is, of course, assuming we make it that far...I'm desperately trying not to count my chickens before they hatch with this relationship! BUT, so far, so very very good!

McBrad and I celebrated in a fairly low key way (well, as low key as a bottle Veuve Cliquot will allow), which was lovely. He even relented to a nice long sleep in on Sunday morning - delightful. Can't wait until Port Douglas where I'm going to insist on long mornings spent in bed!

So, my dear readers, that's about it. I'm more in love with my gorgeous McBrad than ever, I continue to find him more attractive and sexy by the day (and man, he is HOT HOT HOT) and relish each and every opportunity to spend time with him.

Happy happy happy happy happy Monty indeed! :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gratuitous Eye Candy...

Apparently his name is Rusty Joiner...whatever. One of the girls at work emailed me his pics...and in my humble opinion, he's HOT! Not as hot, of course, as McBrad, but still, quite pleasant on the eyes...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm loving this at the moment...

  • Woke up at 6.30am this morning - thanks to my alarm - but really did not want to get out of the lovely warm bed with the deliciously warm McBrad. So we snoozed for another 20 mins or so and then I thought 'I have to get out of bed or I'll be late for work'. So I sat up in bed, tucked the doona ('duvet' for the Kiwis/Poms reading this) around McBrad and tried to motivate myself to actually leave the bed. McBrad rolled over, opened his arms toward me, and I couldn't resist. I slid back beneath the covers and snuggled in his arms for another 10 mins. BLISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
  • A couple of my formerly-retired bloggers have just started blogging again! Yay! Mike has new adventures to report with his new little puppy Munson, and the author of the most hilarious blog post I have ever read, Tequilla Mockingbird, has also resurrected his blog! Wahooooo!
  • The weather at the moment is spectacular - gorgeous duck-egg blue skies, buckets of sunshine, the air so crisp and clear, a lovely 19 - 20 degrees (Celcius) during the day.
  • Cake...well, cupcakes to be specific. There's a little cupcake shop just underneath Ivy on George St which makes the BEST cupcakes. We've been popping down and putting a dozen on the corporate card and having them for morning tea at work. YUMMMMO!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, despite the cause of Global Warming being significantly set back thanks to the hot air released late last week at the opening of the Apple Store here in Sydney, the weather has actually cooled down nicely. Bright sunny days, cool and crisp at night - as one of my English clients said, a perfect English summer!

And it was lovley over the weekend too. McBrad and I went out for a quiet dinner on Friday night at "Strangers With Candy" and it was very good. (and yes, that IS the name of a restaurant, believe it or not) We walked home afterward, popped a DVD on and snuggled on the couch. And I promptly fell asleep in his arms. How blissful is that!!!

Saturday night, we had arranged for a bunch of friends to go out for dinner - I had 4 of mine, he had 4 of his so it was a meeting of the friends to a degree as well. Great food, good company...and we ended up at Palms dancing the night away! Haven't been to Palms (or indeed out on Oxford St) for about 2 months so it was great to get out and have a boogie! But I do have to say, it's very different going out dancing when you're single to when you're in a relationship. My mate Dan, with whom I spent many a night at Palms dancing up a storm, asked me if I had seen George, a guy who he has the hots for, there that night. And you know what, I hardly even registered any other guys faces...I was there with my extremely HOT boyfriend and my friends and so didn't look at any other guys. Whereas, normally, I'd have checked out every single guy there!!! Ahhhh, aint love grand!

And can you believe, we hit the 3 month anniversary (though, technically speaking, it can't be called an "anniversary" because the word itself necessitates a yearly calculation) this coming Sunday! How crazy is that! It feels like it's been 3 years in some ways, and 3 weeks in others! The one thing I know is that I'm in love with the most gorgeous guy on the planet, notwithstanding the fact that all you married guys out there think that your guy owns that title.

And I know, you're all thinking, 'Oh god, we're back to more sappy happy pap about McBrad' BUT I think I did quite well last week in posting several articles that didn't include him at all!!! :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

What a hullaballoo...

(Blog title thanks to Darth Gateau) I'm sorry, but I can't help but be amused at how defensive Apple people get when they detect even the slightest negativity about their enthusiasm for all things Mac! Poor Tom is copping a hiding at the moment and he's valiantly trying to defend himself but alas, methinks my predominantly PC-using readers are not so understanding! LOL

I walked past the computer shop this morning and lo and behold, you can now just walk in without queuing for 30 hours! What a suprise! The quote of the day for me came from a newpaper editorial online which said "The new Apple Store in Sydney is full of hot air — and it isn't coming from the sun."

Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK OK OK, I know that I will get HOWLS of protest and condemnation at this, but I just don't understand the crazies that have queued since lunchtime YESTERDAY to be the first people to get into the new Apple store that opened about 10 minutes ago. I mean, there is nothing in the store that they can't buy elsewhere. These people have queued for 30 odd hours, overnight, in the middle of winter, to get a free T-Shirt. Some even flew in from California to attend. I mean, seriously people, get a life!

My friend, and fellow esteemed blogger Tom, joined the queue this afternoon and I went down a couple of times to say hello and keep him company. Now Tom is an Apple fan - I've worked that out quite easily from his blog - AND our Tom has a bit of time on his hands, given that he's on a sabattical, for want of a better expression. And in his words, "I've got the time, so why not!". And I can kinda understand that. I still think I'd be able to find more fun things to do than sit in a queue for a couple of hours but hey, each to their own.

Me? I'll pop into the store in a couple of weeks time when the frenzy has died down. If I feel like it. If I have nothing better to do. It's a shop for goodness sake, it's not that exciting.

PS Just saw Channel 9 news and for the eagle eyed among us, you would have noticed our Tom's 8 foot tall self made an appearance...twice!!! :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

iPod Meme...

Nicked this off Muzbot...

Simple rules: Open iTunes, turn on shuffle, press forward for each question and use the song title as the answer.

What does next year have in store for me? "I Can't Decide" Scissor Sisters
What’s my love life like? "The 80's" Robbie Williams
What do I say when life gets hard? "Stiff Upper Lip" (from Crazy For You)
What do I think of on waking up? "Since When" Robbie Nevil
What song will I dance to at my wedding? "The Lonely Goatherd" (from Sound of Music)
What do I want as a career? "Heart of Stone" Cher
My favorite saying? "Feeling Good" Michael Buble
Favorite place? "Forest Hymn" Deep Forest
What do I think of my parents? "Sweetest Goodbye" Maroon 5
What’s my porn star name? "Koocachoo" Kylie Minogue
Where would I go on a first date? "I Need a Lover Tonight" Ken Doh
Drug of choice? "Like a Prayer" Madonna
Describe myself. "Fallen" Lauren Wood
What is the thing I like doing most? "Let's Go All the Way" Sly Fox
What is my state of mind like at the moment? "All I Know of Love" Barbra Streisand/Josh Groban
How will I die? "Hooked on Radiation" Atomizer (Pet Shop Boys Orange Alert Mix)


Port Douglas bound...

Well, it's all now locked in. McBrad just booked the flights and I've booked the resort! I'm very excited - our first holiday together! AND now that it's freezing cold outside at the moment, the thought of a week in the tropics just sounds perrrrrfect! We leave 13 July and return 19 July - so it's just a quick 7 days/6 nights trip. And only 4 weeks away!!! We may do a rainforest trip or maybe a reef cruise, or we might just lay on the beach sipping cocktails for the whole time! Don't really care - it'll be warm, sunny and I'll be there with my very GORGEOUS man...all the other details we can work out later on!

Hope everyone is having a dandy weekend! :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008


I was playing my favourite band Pet Shop Boys' album Bilingual the other night in my car on the way to McBrad's place and I heard the following words in "Metamorphosis" and they resonated with me big time!!!

Dreaming is easy life is tough I got the picture
The most important thing is not to end up bitter
'cause when you start to feel increasingly forlorner
woomph! love comes right around the corner
It may not last but here am I
once a caterpillar now a butterfly
It can seem strange but when you reminisce
It's all about change It's a metamorphosis

Obviously, my life over the past couple of years (since coming out) has certainly been about change, a metamorphosis if you will. But the thing that really clicked with me was the first bit - particularly given the events of 2008. Early January, I was ranting quite a bit - I was just a touch "bitter" and getting "increasingly forlorner" about my single status. But yes, "woomph! Love came, right around the corner" for me in the form of my gorgeous McBrad. Dunno what it is, but PSB once again, provide the soundtrack to my life.

In other topics, Wednesday night was just a marvellous night! I was sick with a cold, but it was State of Origin game II (Rugby League) and nothing was going to stop me from enjoying it. McBrad isn't the biggest fan of sport and the thought of sitting in a pub, watching two teams that he doesn't have any allegiance to, play a game that he has no interest in, really didn't float his boat. But, (and this is why I love him so much) knowing how much it meant to me, he came along. And saw a different side to me - the butch, footy watching, yelling-at-the-TV Monty! (yes, seriously) It was a SENSATIONAL win for Queensland - 30 to NIL - and so I was one extremely happy chap! I'm actually going to the decider here in Sydney in 3 weeks time - will be watching in the lap of luxury from our Private Suite - and now cannot wait!!!

But what really made my night was the fact that McBrad was willing to put himself out for me like that. He's just a gorgeous man, and I still can't believe how lucky I am!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Stole this off's been a while since I've done a Meme so thought I'd give it a go...

Five Things In My Freezer
1. Ice
2. Vanilla ice cream
3. Frozen chips
4. Rump Steak
5. Eye ice pack

Five Things In My Wardrobe
1. Coat hangers (all with shirts/suits/coats etc hanging off them)
2. Violin
3. Shoes...lots of 'em
4. About 70 bottles of wine of varying degrees of age/quality
5. All my past diaries

Five Things In My Car
1. Refidex (though in Sydney, they call them Street Directories, I still call it my Refidex)
2. Cinnamon mints
3. CDs
4. Mobile phone charger
5. KFC wrapper

Five Things In My Bag
1. Keys
2. Wallet
3. iPod
4. My current diary - yes, that's right, I use an actual paper diary, not an electronic one!!!!
5. A little fold-up umbrella

Five Things On My Bedside Table
1. Clock radio
2. Photos of my friends
3. About $500 in coin which I need to cash in at the Bank one of these days...
4. My Singstar "Best Male Performer" trophy
5. Speeding fine - bloody Speed cameras! My first speeding fine since 1999!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


McBrad bought me this lovely big bunch of sunflowers - to quote him, "I bought sunflowers because you bring sunshine to my life". Cheesy, corny, vomit inducing and cliched...but I just melted! What a sweetheart!!!

On a completely different topic, Sex and The City was FABULOUS! Yes, it was just like a really long TV episode (or rather, 3 episodes back to back) but it was just soooo good to see the girls again in action. Very satisfying, but also a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the movie! I can see this will have to be purchased on DVD and rewatched at a later date!

Friday, June 06, 2008


I'm excited! Tonight, we've booked tickets to see that most eagerly awaited movie (for me anyway) "Sex and the City"! To be followed by "Sex In This City" - at McBrad's - well, this part won't be filmed but just as eagerly anticipated! he he he!

A nice quiet relaxing weekend is planned. And that's about it. No news to report. Nothing dramatic to write about. I'm afraid that 'Monty in Love' is not half as interesting to read as 'Monty the Tart' was. But it's a much happier Monty.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Up up and (not so far) away...

I'm sorry to disappoint my legion of British readers...well, OK, all three of you...but the July trip to the UK has been postponed until further notice. McBrad recently received a promotion at work and because he's in a new position, can't take the time off to go overseas. So, we've had to content ourselves with just a short week-long holiday next month. I've been busy trawling the net and we think we've found the perfect spot. Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. In July, FNQ is gorgeous - warm, sunny and dry during the day, with lovely mild evenings. Perfect for lazing by the pool or for long, sunset walks along the beach (ok, you can start gagging now). I have found this lovely little resort which is about 10 mins south of Port Douglas which has its own private beach surrounded by rainforest - looks wonderful. So that's now the plan.

One good piece of news I have received is that Mark, my brother, is actually coming to Sydney in July! He had some excess leave up his sleeve and, thanks to him being the "travel buddy" to his best friend who works for Qantas, has access to very cheap flights. So he's out here for about 10 days. Now that we're not going to London, it has worked out exceptionally well that Mark is coming here, so I'll still be able to introduce McBrad to him.

All is well otherwise here in the Emerald City - it's still grey and rainy but on the upside, I'm back at McBrad's tonight and for the rest of the week, so I'll be snuggling my socks off over the next few days. AND it's a long weekend here - thanks to Her Maj - yep, that's right, Queens Birthday weekend! Wahoooo!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mug Shot...

OK, here's the latest "official" pic - our work decided that, befitting our status as the Private Banking division of our Bank, we needed professional photos done for our profiles. And so here it is. It's a bit nerdy and plastic, but it does show how dark my hair is now!

Anyway, thought I'd share that. LOL

Not really much to report back on - had a lovely weekend with McBrad. We went out to dinner with his niece and her husband on Friday night - great restaurant, good company. They seemed to like me which was good - hopefully they'll report nice things back home. Saturday night, we went out to dinner with 2 couples who are friends of mine (as well as former clients). McBrad wasn't overly enthusiastic about going - he thought we'd be talking banking all evening - but ended up having a lovely time and actually invited them over for dinner on a yet-to-be-determined date. So that went off very well indeed!

Sunday night, we stayed in, snuggled and watched a movie - the 4th Harry Potter movie. These were the movies that he used initially to guarantee me 4 dates - well, that's all history now! :-) It felt like our relationship went up a notch this weekend, that it deepened in its intensity and level of trust. I was just talking to my mate Dan this morning and I commented that I assumed that the longer we went out and the more we saw of each other, the more I would need "Monty time"; that I would appreciate nights at home (my home) alone. But as I sat there at home last night, all I wanted was to jump in my car and go over to his place. It seems to me that the more I see of him, the more I want to see him! I love his little text messages he sends me each morning, the wicked gleam he gets in his eye, the fact that he can't stop snogging me, holding his hand as we walk down the street, the list goes on and on. But enough about that!

After receiving my 42 inch plasma TV about 4 weeks ago, I finally got around to taking the thing out of the box on the weekend! It's HUGE!!! And it's AWESOME! The picture quality is sensational - I'm now getting HDTV instead of the old analogue stuff - and the sound is very good! Watching DVD's is going to be excellent fun - think I might have to organize some kind of DVD night at my place!

Otherwise, no other news to report. It's a gray day here in the Emerald City, cold and rainy. Thankfully, I'm staying at McBrad's tonight so it'll be perfect weather to snuggle with him.