Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Month Anniversary...

Today, it's our one month anniversary! It's pretty exciting for me, because I've not made it that far before! Wahooo! Hopefully, many more anniversaries to come!

I've bought him a pair of pajama bottoms - funky ones from Peter Alexander. (My friend Jacqui bought me a pair for my birthday and I LOVE 'em) Mind you, I'm not planning on him actually wearing them in bed...hell no!!! But now that he's got a flatmate (moved in over the weekend), we'll have to be a bit more dressed around his place. And so PJ's are the perfect gift...well, I hope so anyway!

We're not doing anything major tonight...just going to dinner and then a movie. But, I haven't seen him since Sunday evening when we returned from the beach house, so I'm fanging to see him again!

I just can't believe how good this feels! On Sunday, on the drive back from the coast, we were discussing relationship issues, which, while challenging in some respects, was great to do. I'm delighted that he's taking this as seriously as I am.

I was just looking over my Perfect Man Meme that I wrote back in July last year and he's fitting the bill almost perfectly! I say "almost" as no-one is ever going to be perfect, there's always going to be something that isn't ideal...and not just about him - me too! I'm certainly not perfect - hell, anyone who's read this blog for a while will know that! But when I wrote that meme, I was looking for THAT MAN. But having had my disappointments over the past year, I'd realized that I couldn't be so rigid in my application of my criteria. Which has allowed me to open myself up and I've met some fantastic guys as a consequence. And so the ironic thing is, McBrad's come the closest to meeting the criteria...and I wasn't even applying it to him! How good is that!

Oh, did I tell you that he's also the HOTTEST man on the planet? ;-) Monty's smitten!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long weekend...

I'm just back from a lovely long weekend away with my gorgeous boyfriend McBrad. I took him down to the beach-house and what a weekend it was! I must confess to being just a tad nervous...spending the whole weekend with him, just the two of us - it could've turned out to be a complete nightmare...or a complete dream! It was, of course, the latter! The more time I spend with him, the more I like him! He's a sweet hearted (and incredibly sexy) gentle man.

It was the perfect weekend to have down the coast too - lovely chilly nights which were made for snuggling & gorgeous warm sunny days! Here's a couple of pics that he took when we took Noodle for a walk on the beach.
The very cute Groodle (Golden Retriever-Poodle mix) called Noodle & I...

Me, on the beach...

So...so far, so good! Tuesday is our 1 month anniversary and we're going out to celebrate. Don't know exactly what we're doing, but I can't wait!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monty's Thailand Tour II...

Well, here it is...my most revealing photo EVER! And yes, I AM wearing swimmers! ;-)
And here's us with our favourite Singapore Slings! Love 'em!
Anyway, I'm back in Sydney (cold, wet Sydney) and I do apologize for my lack of blogging...the internet connection at the resort was rather dismal.

But suffice to say, the last bit of the holiday was as good as the first - Mark chartered a huge 102 yr old yacht for his birthday and it was fabulous! A glorious day on the Andaman Sea, eating, drinking, swimming, feeding fish, snorkelling. Just magnificent! And we hit the Simon Cabaret for the biggest and most spectacular ladyboy show in Phuket as well. Lots of fun - these are some seriously female-looking former men - and the costumes alone must be responsible for a worldwide sequin shortage! Wow!

And although my Siamese sojourn had to come to an end after 8 short days, I still had one thing to look forward to...seeing McBrad again! It was a sensational holiday, but I still couldn't help but wish that he was there with me! But, I got the next best thing, when he turned up, at 6am Sunday morning to collect me from the airport! What a sweetie! Such a gorgeous man! Needless to say, it was a very happy return for this little black duck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monty's Thailand Tour...

Greetings from Baan Krating Phuket Jungle Beach Resort! I'm here in paradise and I'm sooooo lacking in energy, it's hard to even type! This place is heaven! It's hot, hot, hot, and humid and magnificently gorgeous.

The sounds...the chorus of cicadas in the morning, the hot heavy hush at 3pm, the languid sea in its desultory lapping against the shore.
The smells...my new vibrantly green Paul Smith EDT, the rich leaf litter damp decay aroma, the tang of the salt water on the breeze.
The sights...the crystal clear aqua sea, the gorgous vivid orange of theflowers on the poinciana tree, the white butterflies fluttering amongst the elephant ear plants.
The tastes...the spicy, eyewateringly delicious chicken and green mango salad for lunch on Saturday, the cold refreshment of Singapore slings (our cocktail de jour for this holiday) every afternoon, the sweet, juicy tropical fruits at breakfast.

I'm loving it here...can you tell??? This resort is at the very bottom of Phuket Island and we are on a little cape, about 10 mins walk from a little village. It's set in the middle of this lovely jungle and it's so quiet here. We have Beach Front Pavillions which are fantastic, with airconditioning that's very cold. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. And the best thing...it's now Tuesday and I've barely done anything since getting here. We've ate, drank (oh boy have we consumed some serious alcohol), slept, swam, read and that's about it. It has been totally relaxing! And this is such a strange thing for me on holidays...normally, I'm rushing around seeing sights, but this holiday has just been about relaxation. LOVE IT! There's 10 of us in our group, 5 from Sydney, 4 from London and 1 from Bangkok and everyone seems to be having a great time. We're all doing our own thing somewhat...some will be at their Beach Front Pavillion reading on the balcony, some will be lolling by the pool, some sunbaking on the beach...so it's just perfect! Tomorrow is my brother Mark's 40th birthday (16 April) and he's organized a surprise for us...from hints dropped, it sounds like he's chartered some kind of boat and we'll be sailing (I'm hoping to Phi Phi Island which sounds gorgeous) around. Can't wait!

Otherwise, all is well. Had a lovely evening on Thursday - I was touched at how many friends came to the Dolphin for a drink or two. I had one or two more drinks than originally planned however still managed to get away by around 10pm - I spent the night at McBrad's and that was lovely. Getting up at 5.30am on Friday was not so lovely and it was sad to leave him, looking soooo gorgeous in his bed! I'm actually missing him quite a lot - I'd love to have him here with me! But, as they say, absense makes the heart grow fonder! Hoping that's the way he's feeling too! (He's sent me some very sweet texts while I've been away, so it seems likely that he is)

Now, I'm off for a massage, and then maybe a snooze by the pool...maybe a Singapore Sling too! :-)

PS Thank you too for all your lovely comments on my blog, emails, Facebook messages! It's so sweet to know that lots of people were thinking of me! Big tropical hug to you all! xxx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birthday boy...

7am today, I'm lying in bed, enjoying that delicious feeling when you're halfway between asleep and awake when my mobile rings! It's Mark, my brother in London, wishing me a happy birthday! And then I remember, it's my birthday! Yep, that's right folks, Monty is one year older...I'm now 37! Eek! Only 3 years off that age!

But I've gotta say, I'm having a much better birthday this year than I did last year! I was a miserable git last birthday but it's amazing the difference a year makes! I've got a morning tea that work is putting on in about 15 mins; tonight, I'm meeting up with a bunch of friends at The Dolphin Hotel in Crown St for a couple of quiet bevvies and then I'm staying over at McBrad's tonight for a birthday shag! LOL Actually, it's a bit exciting because he's going to be meeting my friends tonight at the pub! It's always a bit nerve wracking but also exciting! Last night, at my workout, my nazi trainer Greg gave me a bottle of wine (a McLaren Vale Shiraz which is just perfect) which was really lovely of him...and totally unexpected!

And 5am tomorrow, I'm getting up (that's not going to be fun) and off to the airport to catch the Singapore Airlines A380 - off to Thailand (Phuket) for a week long celebration for Mark's 40th! I can't wait!!! It's strange thinking that I won't be seeing McBrad for 9 whole days/nights - we've spent soooo much time together over the past couple of weeks (think I've slept maybe 3 nights at home since meeting him) and so it will be weird not seeing him. But as my good friend EIB mentioned in an email to me the other night, it will be good to get away and obtain some perspective on things. And to eat lots of food, drink lots of alcohol, sit in the sun, bathe in the tepid sea, loll about in hammocks underneath swaying palms and all that stuff! It's 28 - 30 degrees Celcius there - so it will be a return to summer which will be lovely.

So it's all good! Don't know how much blogging I'll be able to do in Thailand, but will endeavour to do my best! I'm back on the 20th so worst case, there'll be lots of catch-up blogging to do! :-)

Monday, April 07, 2008

PS I miss you...

McBrad had previously arranged to go out for dinner with some friends on Friday night and I really needed to hit the books hard, so I decided to have a quiet night in. It was a good idea, as I had spent the previous two nights with McBrad.

9pm comes and I receive a text message: PS I miss you...

Do I melt into the carpet or what!!! Needless to say, the minute he messaged me that he was home, I was in my car whizzing my way across the Harbour Bridge for a joyful reunion.

Saturday night was my friend Ivan's birthday celebrations. Everyone was meeting at Green Park Hotel from 8pm for drinks etc, so I invited McBrad to come along as well. I drove over to his place, dumped my stuff and then we went to dinner. Dinner done, we were walking down Bourke St heading for the Green Park when he received an sms from one of his friends asking what he was doing. The friend lived on Bourke St so we dropped in and spent an hour or so with his friend and the friend's flatmate. We left them and continued to the Green Park - it would have been around 9pm by that stage and the place was pretty full. I offered to get drinks, so introduced him to Ivan and a couple of Ivan's friends and left him in their care. Waiting at the bar, I get a text message: Hey Handsome, don't be long! x

Do I melt again! This guy is just pushing all the right buttons so far! We ended up staying for a couple of hours and then, joined by my mate Dan, we head over to Palms to meet up with the aforementioned friend and friend's flatmate. We stayed for maybe an hour and then left the boys to continue their dancing! I had some alternative kind of dancing in mind which I wanted to try back at McBrad's!

Last night, I cooked dinner for us at his place and afterwards, we watched the first Harry Potter movie. I love that it's getting nice and cool at night, because he is just soooo good to snuggle on the couch with. He's actually very warm - a big, furrrrry (albeit very fit) Scottish teddy bear! This morning, as he was leaving quite early, he gave me his spare set of keys. Not sure if there's anything in it...I'm not taking it as a permanent thing - just a convenience thing - and I'll try and give them back when I see him next. But I'm chuffed that he trusts me enough already.

PS I did actually finish all the required reading for my DFP over the weekend...now to do the written assignment before I leave for Thailand on Friday! Eeek!

PPS I told McBrad about PC - it was soooo not an issue for him so phew! But I'm glad I told him anyway, it was stressing me and I don't want this to start off on the wrong foot.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Highland Fling II...

I went over to McBrad's (loved it Tom, great name for him) last night. I had offered to cook him dinner and so purchased the groceries required and turned up. He had to take his new little puppy for a walk (a poodle called Noodle....awwww) before dinner, so we had a quick glass of SavBlanc together and then he left. With him gone and my twin-set and pearls on, protected of course with a crisp linen apron, I whipped up some pasta with a lovely easy parmessan & double cream sauce.

He came home and brought out of the fridge a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck champagne! He said he'd bought it for me for our own private celebration of my birthday - to start my "birthday week" which culminates next Thursday on my actual birthday! What a sweet man! And then, we were cuddling in the kitchen (I can't keep my hands off him, he's so sexy) when he says that he's never felt this comfortable with another guy so early in a relationship! Swoon!!!

Needless to say, Monty was in a VERY GOOD MOOD last night!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Two degrees of separation...

Another splendid night spent with Brad last night...the best yet!!! But something came up which threw me off somewhat. We discovered that we have a mutual acquaintance - PC. I met PC in Dec 2006 and we had a few dates - it was a nice little fling that lasted about a month. Nothing in depth or serious. Since then, we've kept in loose contact - I occasionally see him as he's also friends of NSSG and so he pops up at the same gatherings. We've also had the odd chat now and then on MSN and we've had coffee a couple of times.

But when we realized last night that we both knew him, I was a bit thrown. Should I reveal to Brad that I've, errm, been intimate with PC? Brad, as it turns out, went on a couple of dates with PC but they never went there! I really didn't know what to say, panicked and so simply said that I knew PC through my friendship with NSSG.

I now feel rotten about that. I will tell him tonight and hope that he forgives my little white lie. But I hope that it won't affect what we have. It's been well over a year, more like 14 months, since PC and I last shagged, and there is totally nothing there between us. When we meet, it's as acquaintances and we have a nice chat and that's it. I feel nothing romantically for him and I'm sure that it's a reciprocal lack of feeling. But I suppose that's the challenge in the Sydney gay community - everyone has slept with everyone! There's only one or two degrees of separation! I just hope Brad sees it that way.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

My life is crazy at the moment! OK, so minimal amounts of sleep on Saturday night and Sunday night may be contributing to this (but sooooo worth it - Brad is just so hot that I don't want to waste my time with him actually sleeping) but everything is kinda happening at the moment which is starting to stress me out!

1. Firstly, as of next Thursday (10th April), I'm off on holidays for 8 days in Thailand. This means my work needs to be totally up-to-date by then.
2. My first assignment for my DFP is due 16th April (when I'll be in Thailand) so it also has to be completed by next Thursday as well (and ideally, I'd like to have it completed this weekend). I've got to read (and understand) 10 modules before I can complete my assignment. I've read 4 of them so far. They take about 90 - 120 mins for each module. Eeek!
3. I have a HOT Scotsman who wants to see me as much as possible (and the feeling is entirely mutual). We've arranged 2 nights this week and one night on the weekend.

I'm running out of time!

He rang me last night - about 9.30pm - and it quickly got hot and heavy and before I knew it, I was in my car, about to head over to his place! But I stopped and thought about it and in my head, knew that I shouldn't! I was exhausted from 2 nights of minimal sleep and a workout and really just needed to sleep. So I rang him back and cancelled - he was very understanding. I think maybe he was a little relieved as well - things just got out of hand on the phone and we both got caught up! So I went to bed at 10:30pm and didn't wake up this morning until 8:30am! Faaaaaaaaaark!!! Consequently, I was late for work - got here at 9.30am (which for me was an impressive turnaround) only to find that my boss and 4 of the 6 Bankers in my team were off sick!!! And the 5th banker is fading fast! Thankfully, our assistants are here, but the phones are ringing, the emails keep popping up and I'm over it!!! AND I have a 4pm session with Greg, my trainer, so it means I'm going to have to come back to work after that to finish off!

But I can't really complain. Yes, I'm flat strap, but the factor that is complicating things is a hot Scotsman and there aint no way I'm going to put him on hold!