Friday, May 29, 2009


Profuse apologies to the one or two readers who haven't given up on me! It's nearly the end of May and I have not written one word all month! My longest blogging absense ever!

There's not a lot to say really. May has been quite a busy month, but nothing that is really outstanding or blogworthy. I suppose the biggest event was my purchase (very unexpectedly I might add) of a new car! I made the mistake of mentioning to McBrad that I was thinking about updating my poor tired (but mechanically very sound) Corolla and before I could say 'overhead gasket' (or whatever), we were driving around to different car yards, checking out what was available. McBrad is a very decisive person - if he thinks about updating his car, he goes and buys a new car! Me, I think about a new car, have a look at what's available, compare prices on the internet, research the pros and cons of each car, look at colours, peruse my finances, do cash flow spreadsheets and work out a repayment plan. That's all before I even decide whether or not I'm going to proceed. So, Sunday morning, we're at the car dealer's and lo and behold, I drive out of there with my new Nissan Tiida Q! I got home, still in shock at having spent so much money in such a quick time, without much thinking about it! McBrad was excited out of his mind, I was nearly throwing up in the sink (quite literally). BUT, once we went for a drive and I settled down, I started to get excited. It's a lovely car, and driving it is a dream! Noodle LOVES her back seat - I think it's the leather that does it for her! So that was quite a momentous incident in the past month.

McBrad also extended my 6 sessions with my new Personal Trainer Daz by another 10 sessions, because he was impressed with my progress and was feeling generous. I've gotta say, despite him being a total NAZI who takes particular delight in inflicting pain on me, Daz is very good and it is producing results. I now have a 2pack, and hope that the remain 4pack will emerge from long banishment in the near future, to give me a nice hard flat abdomen! I don't know what it is, but you hear about how people who exercise regularly get this rush after they have exercised. I'm yet to experience that. I just feel smashed after each session.

We've had less than satisfactory weather here in the Emerald City for the past week or so - very autumnal, with cool mornings, cloudy days and the occasional torrential downpour of rain. Fantastic for snuggling with McBrad, but it would be nice to have a lovely sunny weekend. According to the forecast, it's not going to happen this weekend. :-(

I was just thinking the other night about comfort movies (the cinematic version of comfort food I suppose) - that movie or those movies that you always go back to when you just want to feel good about the world. No matter how many times you watch it, you always end up with that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart! For me, Pretty Woman used to be high on the list, but of recent years, it has fallen somewhat. My new no. 1 comfort movie is Love Actually. Yes, it has its critics, but I just feel so good after watching that movie. McBrad and I watched it last night, and of course, watching Love Actually whilst snugged with my very hot boyfriend when it's cold and rainy outside is just the BEST thing in the world.

So that's my May. I will try to update my blog a bit more frequently, but I can't guarantee it. Whilst I'm still reading blogs, I find that I'm just unmotivated to put digit to QWERTY anymore.

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend whereever you are!