Thursday, October 11, 2007

Monty on Tour 3...

I'm exhausted!!! I was just talking to Darth Gateau and realized that I've not had a night at home since I got here! It's been an absolute whirlwind! And I'm loving it!

Well, as mentioned in my previous post, I had arrange to meet up with all the bloggers. Tuesday night, I met the very charming GayBanker! We met in a bar in the City that used to be a banking chamber (how very appropriate) for a warm'ish beer which was actually quite good! I could get used to it! We went to dinner at a restuarant with some amazing views of London (thankfully the rain that had poured down all day had miraculously cleared up and it was a fine, clear evening) and I must say, he's an exceptional dining companion! Read his post about the night, as he puts it so much better than I - but I just want to say that I had a great night with him! Meeting bloggers can be a challenging thing - some bloggers seem completely different in person to their blogging personality, some you form a picture in your mind and they can turn out nothing like what you imagine. But I must say GayBanker exceeded my expectations!

I then met up with Kev in NZ yesterday - we had lunch at a pub called The Albert - somewhere near'ish Victoria I think - and then went for a nice long walk along the Southbank of the Thames from Westminster down to the Tate and then, back across the Milenium bridge and into the City! It was also great to meet him and enjoy a bit of mutual eye-candy spotting! He agrees with me that London is full of HOT GUYS!!! So it was a great afternoon! I'm now working on persuading him to visit Sydney soon!

And then last night, I attended the inagaural International Bloggers Meet - Darth Gateau, CuteCTGuy and Guy In London were all in attendance and I must say, it was a seriously FUN night! Copious quantities of alcohol were consumed, underwear preferences revealed (quite literally), hairy chests exposed (mmmmmmm...) and nipples tweaked! Just the usual stuff that happens when a bunch of gay boys get together really! LOL We're hoping to repeat the evening at least one more time while I'm here in London!

Today, the weather is looking quite good - the sun is out and it's pleasantly cool. I'm about to choof off to the shops to purchase some groceries - I promised Mark and Simon that I'd make them dinner tonight so it will actually be lovely just to be at home and catch up on what they've been doing in the past few days - I have not actually had a proper conversation with either of them since Saturday night! It's been ships in the night since then!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!

But I do have to say, I'm having the time of my life - this holiday is turning out to be the BEST EVER!!! :-)


Darth Gateau said...

can I just point out to all of the lovely Monty's readers, of which there seem to be at least a gajillion...
My underwear was discussed but not revealed, my chest hair remained shrouded in shirt (and mystery) apart from the top bit (Monty did have a bit of a peer down it tho) and my nipples were untouched.
I'm a good boy I am. I washed my face and hands before I went out and everything.

It was a splendid evening tho and Monty made a corking addition to London bloggers booze-ups.

Mmm booze. I love booze.

cuteCTguy said...

Meet too - I am good boy. No body molested me.

Guy In London said...

Hmm, so that leaves me as the culprit of said goings on ... my excuse, I was drunk & on a night out with 3 gay guys!

GB said...

I enjoyed meeting you too Monty :-). And I've just posted my memories about our meeting, sorry for the delay!

Best wishes, GB xxx