Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh what a weekend...!

It's certainly been an eventful weekend - mainly due to the efforts of NSSG! The weekend was bookended by two QueerScreen movies - Friday night and Monday night. The Friday night movie was hilarious! And it was certainly an interesting experience, in a movie theatre packed to the rafters with gay men, all laughing so loudly that you couldn't actually hear parts of the movie! It was a great experience! And Max Brenner's afterward....mmmmmmmm chocolate!

The Monday night screening was a series of short films...some were great, some were CRAP - particularly the Australian entry! But again, an interesting experience.

Fair Day - there's been quite a lot said about Fair Day - it didn't really do it for me...and I was trying to think last night why it didn't do anything for me...and I think it's because I don't really feel part of the Sydney Gay community yet. Not sure I want to feel part of the Sydney Gay community either. For me, being gay is not my identity, it's not something that consumes my way of life...rather, for me, I'm a guy that likes other guys. That's what makes me gay. And so, something like Fair Day didn't really mean a lot to me. There's no doubt that my newly OUT status has something to do with it - but I do wonder whether that's going to change really.

The Bloggers' meet on Sunday night, however, was very good. It was great to see Gav again. It was fantastic to meet Muzbot! And certainly eye-opening to meet and talk to Aussielicious and Drew. And as NSSG has reported, it was bigger than Melbourne's meet, and that's all that really mattters! ha ha!

An interesting addendum to one of my previous blogs "A Disappointed Fan..." - after getting so excited finding Ian Roberts' Gaydar profile and then getting disappointed when he didn't respond to my message, who should walk into the Tilbury on Sunday night but Ian Roberts! With my body double in tow! Doh!

And one more thing to get excited about...I was talking to my good friend Carl in Budapest last night and mentioned that I was a blogger! It's an interesting thing really - as Gav mentioned at the Bloggers' meet, he doesn't tell his friends that he's a blogger. And up until now, I hadn't told Carl that I was a blogger, despite the fact that I tell him pretty much everything that happens in my life. I don't know why I hadn't told him - he is privy to much more information than ever goes on the blog. But it came up last night, and so I did end up telling him my blog address. I was very excited when I got a message from him this morning with his new blog address! I've linked it to my blog now! The bloggers' web continues to spread! I look forward to reading more from An Englishman in Budapest!


Campbell said...

Community is an interesting concept – and to a certain degree that’s all it is, a concept. Like most other words it can be moulded by semantics. The gay community is a social construct and while many gay people choose to be a part of that and feel that it is a major part of their identity, like you, there are many that do not identify with the ‘Gay Community’. I was really pleased to hear you say what makes you gay is that you like other guys. That’s how I also identify as gay. What makes me gay is that I like having sex with men – and that is only a part of who I am (sometimes not as large a part as I would like!!).
Having said that I think there are benefits to having a ‘Gay Community’, probably because it is a minority within the larger community called ‘society’. It is something I like to dabble in from time to time and it’s good that it’s something we can move in and out of as the need/desire arises. I wonder if some people’s need to be a part of the gay community is a reflection of their struggle in coming out, or perhaps a reflection of their sense of strength and confidence, or lack thereof, in other parts of their lives? Hmmmm, I feel a PhD coming on!

Monty said...

I agree, there are benefits to having the 'Gay Community' and I'm not disparaging it by any means! It does have a place as a support mechanism and yes, like you, is something I can dabble in. I certainly don't take it for granted, however that still does not alter the fact that I don't feel part of it.

Not so Single Guy said...

Mardi gras is not for everyone! but you should experience it at least once...you'll find your place in it..or out of it:)

There will be more events. Thanks for coming and glad you had fun!

Campbell said...

Sorry Monty, my aim was to affirm your sense of not feeling part of the community. I guess I got too abstract.
Looking forward to hearing from you.