Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Just when you thought I was gone...

I'm back! But only for a short post...if you're going to watch Mardi Gras on Saturday, look for the Gay Tradies float - I'll be the guy, in the white overalls (and nothing else), fake tan, pretending to be a painter! Yes, that's right folks, Monty is back for a second go at marching in Mardi Gras! Had so much fun last year that I couldn't say no! One very exciting thing this year is that our lovely lavender fellow former blogger Darth Gateau is here in Sydney on holidays so I get to catch up with him again! Very exciting!

That's it...just a quick post! :-)


Tom said...

Monty! Thought you'd disappeared. How come you're on the tradie float but you're not a tradie?

Mike said...

Yay! Have fun :-)

Will you post pics?